WWE: Bayley made a genius move on the road to Hell in a Cell

WWE SmackDown, Bayley (Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images)
WWE SmackDown, Bayley (Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images) /

WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley is always one step ahead of the rest of us sheep, which is why she’s been on top for so long.

Sasha Banks vs. Bayley has always held the potential to stand as one of the all-time great rivalries on the WWE main roster, because it was at that level in NXT, giving fans two of the greatest TakeOver matches in history.

So fans naturally have high expectations on the road to Hell in a Cell this Oct. 25, as Sasha challenged Bayley to a match at the Pay Per View after Bayley got herself disqualified on draft night.

You can call Bayley a coward – Sasha sure has – but the Role Model is definitely smart. Her ability to navigate the rest of the SmackDown roster and dominate the scene is both a product of her wrestling skills and the know-how that comes with being a Role Model.

Her latest tactic to back out of a match against a woman who has competed in two Hell in a Cell matches and who wants nothing more than to, in her words, end her career?

Sasha Banks, Bayley broke the contract signing trope in WWE

Not sign the contract.

Most contract signings in WWE follow the same format. Tense standoff, a few words exchanged, the table being flipped, the babyface usually ending up on the ground. Standard stuff.

But this contract signing segment was a lot more exciting. In fact, it was actually good. That’s a credit to Sasha and Bayley. I mean, we got THIS line from Sasha, “I am Sasha Banks. And my name is bigger than your title.”

(No lies were told by the Boss there.)

Yet the last impact of the segment was Bayley’s stroke of genius. Because despite all that happens in these contract segments, usually the second person to sign the contract still signs, scribbling their name in a huff.

Bayley did no such thing. She didn’t listen to Sasha Banks or bow down to the pressure of Sasha calling her a coward to get her title match at Hell in a Cell.

Sasha Banks will give Bayley a reason to sign for a match at WWE Hell in a Cell

To Bayley, Sasha didn’t earn a match. She never beat anyone to get this match. If anything, in Bayley’s mind, she beat up Sasha after she couldn’t get the job done and turned on her first, to preserve her title. So why would she put that same title on the line? Just because Sasha brought up some nostalgic stuff and called her a coward?

Bayley’s a little too smart for that. Rest assured, we are going to get our SmackDown Women’s Title match between two of the GOATs at Hell in a Cell. But now that Bayley has delayed things, we can get one more great segment between them just before Hell in a Cell, where Sasha really gives Bayley a reason to sign.

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Can’t you tell how excited I am about this feud? It’s all about enjoying the little things the best wrestlers do to carefully set the layers of the story they are telling.