WWE: When we need to see Seth Rollins vs. Daniel Bryan on SmackDown

WWE, Seth Rollins Photo courtesy WWE.com
WWE, Seth Rollins Photo courtesy WWE.com /

Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan had an awesome in-ring confrontation on WWE SmackDown this week.

When WWE SmackDown drafted Seth Rollins with their second pick on Night 1 after securing Universal Champion Roman Reigns, wrestling fans were immediately excited. We had never seen Rollins as a member of the Blue Brand since the 2016 draft, so this was an opportunity for the so-called “Messiah” to rule over new territory.

That happiness was briefly doused when the Mysterios were drafted by SmackDown. Not because we dislike the Mysterio Family – far from it – but because we had grown tired of seeing Maury episodes play out before our eyes on Monday nights in this never-ending feud. So the Mysterios, Murphy, and Rollins all being on the same brand? That didn’t sit too well with most fans.

But there’s light at the end of the tunnel whenever this storyline ends, because there are so many great rivalries for Rollins on Friday nights. We got a tease of perhaps the best one – a dream feud with Daniel Bryan.

On the Oct. 16 episode of WWE SmackDown, Daniel Bryan made his return to television and cut an uplifting promo about how excited he was to be back. He put over so many great wrestlers on the roster, tabbing Bianca Belair and the Riott Squad as future stars of SmackDown in 2020 and 2021. (Because they are!)

Seth Rollins still isn’t finished with the Mysterios on WWE SmackDown

Then, he was interrupted by an irate Seth Rollins, who felt snubbed that Bryan did not put him over in his promo. Rollins tried to court Bryan to his side and get him to acknowledge Rollins’ efforts as a “leader”, but, of course, Bryan had nothing of it. He told Rollins the straight-up truth, like he always does, calling Rollins egotistic and “dumb”.

Arrogant as ever, Rollins did not stand for this bitter truth and started beating up Bryan, screaming, “You’re dumb!” repeatedly at the returning legend.

And just as we were getting super hyped-up for this rivalry, the Mysterios and Murphy entered the picture to remind us that, no, this rivalry is not over. (At least, Murphy didn’t rejoin Rollins or anything, so we are moving forward!)

The Mysterio Family storyline is not over yet, but since WWE sees this as one of their three biggest angles, it should close at Hell in a Cell. So in November, we should have a fresh storyline involving Rollins and Murphy that wraps up, leading to a December storyline with Rollins and Bryan.

I expect a post-Survivor Series feud between Bryan and Rollins, because I think the traditional five-on-five match will yield some sort of fallout that creates a bitter rivalry. Both men could benefit a lot from a long-term program that leads into WrestleMania 37, similar to the feud Rollins and Kevin Owens had last year.

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Similar, yes. The same? Absolutely not. And call it my nostalgia for Bryan, but I’d have even higher hopes for Bryan vs. Rollins. We just have to wait a little bit longer, but, rest assured, it will be worth it.