WWE SmackDown: 3 feuds for Daniel Bryan after his return this Fall

WWE SmackDown, Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns Photo: WWE.com
WWE SmackDown, Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns Photo: WWE.com /

Daniel Bryan is back on WWE SmackDown after this year’s draft, but who should he feud with in the coming months?

One of the greatest technical wrestlers we have ever seen, Daniel Bryan made his return to WWE SmackDown on Oct. 16 after being drafted to the brand. Bryan was last seen in the Intercontinental Title scene and has every intention of winning that title again.

So here are three feuds for Bryan now that he’s back on television.

Seth Rollins

Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins had quite the confrontation after Bryan returned to WWE SmackDown, as Rollins took issue with the wrestling legend not shouting him out as a wrestler he was excited to see on Friday nights.

And Bryan explained the simple truth. He doesn’t approve of what Rollins is doing, because Rollins’ vision for WWE is entirely self-centered. Dominik Mysterio said the same thing.

Speaking of Dominik, Rollins’ rivalry with the Mysterio Family isn’t finished yet, but it should be at Hell in a Cell. I could see Rollins and Bryan having a rivalry for the ages before WrestleMania 37.

Sami Zayn

Daniel Bryan and Sami Zayn had a heated rivalry over the Intercontinental Championship on Friday nights, with Bryan putting Zayn over at WrestleMania 36.

Zayn proved he is the rightful champion at Clash of Champions in an incredible ladder match, though he was still disrespected by WWE when he was drafted in the fourth round by WWE SmackDown on Night 2 of the draft.

I could see Bryan feuding with Zayn as a return and conclusion point to their story earlier this year, with Bryan winning back the IC Title and elevating it as he intended to. There’s a lot of potential with Bryan as a babyface IC Champion.

Roman Reigns

How about Daniel Bryan going after the Universal Champion? Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan told an incredible story with Bryan as the heel’s Planet Champion, recruiting Erick Rowan to run him over.

Reigns and Bryan are two of the best wrestlers in the business, and they could tell an even more compelling story with Bryan as a face and Reigns in his current heel character. While Roman has always been one of WWE’s top performers, this current character of his has the potential to be one of WWE’s best in this era. It has a chance to really define Reigns’ greatness in wrestling, especially with Paul Heyman by his side.

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So imagine how great a match between Reigns and Bryan would be and how much it would put over the Universal Championship in 2020 or 2021. That title has needed feuds like this one, because it’s felt second-rate for too long.