AEW: The Young Bucks must cost Adam Page next week

AEW, Young Bucks Photo: Nick Jackson/Twitter
AEW, Young Bucks Photo: Nick Jackson/Twitter /

The Young Bucks have a perfect opportunity to return the favor to Adam Page by costing him in the AEW heavyweight title eliminator tournament next week.

Storytelling is an important facet to professional wrestling and All Elite Wrestling continues to excel in that area. With Adam Page’s advancement to the second round in the AEW World Title eliminator tournament, there comes an opportunity to continue the narrative about the split of the Elite. Looking back at history, the Young Bucks must cost Page in his upcoming match with Wardlow, setting the stage for not only that angle with the Bucks but an eventual feud with Kenny Omega at the same time.

Back in August Page made the decision to cost the Young Bucks in the number one contender’s match heading into AEW All Out. That moment lead to the downward spiral where the Bucks kicked Page out of the Elite. Days later, it would be Omega showing his frustrations with Page after they dropped the tag team titles to FTR at that very PPV. Page became the odd man out while the Bucks and Omega made it clear they were over his failures both in the ring and out.

Fast forward to where all the men are today. Omega is in the second round of the tournament, on the opposite side of the bracket. The Bucks are the top contenders to FTR, preparing to face the champions at Full Gear. This is the perfect opportunity for the Bucks to cost Page at some point next week, reminding them just how much they detest him and consider him to be beneath them in every area of wrestling. The feud between the Bucks and Page has been brewing pretty much since the inception of All Elite Wrestling, now is the time to turn it into a full burn.

This also helps Omega as he continues to transition back into an amalgamation of the Cleaner and Best Bout Machine that became so well known in New Japan. That version against a babyface Page is a big-time feud that will draw major attention for AEW across the industry. This is something that can happen both with and without a title, but it is the type of feud that can last an extended period to build up both men. There is a lot to gain for all parties involved.

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When AEW was first built, many expected Adam Page to be the first big face that the company would push. That did not happen, and it took time to rebuild Page into a character that people cared about. This angle between Hangman and the Elite can help lift everyone involved if pulled off correctly. The first step in doing so is to see the Young Bucks cost Page his tournament match next week.