WWE NXT Halloween Havoc: 3 wrestlers who need to win

WWE NXT Women's Championship Credit: WWE.com
WWE NXT Women's Championship Credit: WWE.com /
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Jordan Myles cameron Grimes WWE NXT
Jordan Myles cameron Grimes WWE NXT /

Cameron Grimes

As announced on this week’s NXT, Cameron Grimes and Dexter Lumis are scheduled to go one on one at Halloween Havoc in a “Haunted House of Terror” match.

This feud was started in a backstage segment when Grimes asked Lumis a question and Lumis just stared at him “like a freak.” This led to Grimes costing Lumis his shot for the NXT North American title, and the William Regal making this match for Halloween Havoc.

It’s fair to say that Dexter Lumis is a confusing character as of yet. NXT has been pushing him hard but he’s failed to get over with the audience. Cameron Grimes, however, has been getting over with the crowd, and yet NXT seem hesitant to pull the trigger.

While it may not seem so with the current booking, Grimes has the potential to be a big deal in NXT. He’s a very unique performer and stands out in the NXT roster. Everything about him, from his look to his persona to his gorgeous hair to his theme song that couldn’t possibly work for anyone else. He’s amazing in between the ropes, he’s charismatic on the mic, and his cocky walk to the ring all scream money.

Most of all, he has an established character, unlike Lumis. He’s a wacky, annoying heel with a great catchphrase. He’s carried this feud on his back with wonderful little nuances including this week’s hilarious segment when he pretended not to be afraid as Lumis stared at him in the background. He’s very entertaining and he has it in him to be a champion, NXT needs to strap a rocket to his back.

Given the name of this match, it seems this would be a cinematic affair rather than in the ring. This match has the potential to be hilariously entertaining with Lumis’s straight face clashing perfectly with Grimes’ slapstick comedy.

The winner of this match needs to be Cameron Grimes as the Dexter Lumis experiment has been a bit awkward, while Grimes has won over everyone with his charisma. With the right booking, this match could add a new layer to the Lumis character and send Cameron Grimes “to the moon.”

Cameron Grimes to win at Halloween Havoc.