Impact Wrestling: Three Bold Predictions For Bound For Glory 2020

Impact Wrestling, Jordynne Grace Courtesy: Impact Wrestling
Impact Wrestling, Jordynne Grace Courtesy: Impact Wrestling /
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Impact Wrestling, Jordynne Grace
Impact Wrestling, Jordynne Grace Courtesy: Impact Wrestling /

Jordynne Grace is the next Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion

Jordynne Grace has had a hell of a year. From unseating the longest reigning Knockouts Champion in the history of the promotion to carrying the title through most of the pandemic as of yet and breaking ground as one of the two participants in the first-ever all-female Iron Man match on AXS Television. It has been a year of firsts for her.

The Reality of Wrestling alumni has really found her spot in professional wrestling over the last two years. First feuding with the likes of Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan. To being considered one of the most physically imposing individuals on the roster either man or woman.

Grace can believably work with anyone on the Impact Roster. From highflying lightweights like current X-Division champion Rohit Raju. To legends of the game like Homicide or Rhino. Grace never feels out of place.

Her poise and general likability lend itself to her ability to shift between the men’s and women’s rosters seemingly at will. She seems to be exactly what the company was hoping Tessa Blanchard would be and, seemingly, without any of the same issues.

So it would make sense for the company to be strapping the same rocket to her back that had once been strapped to Tessa. But perhaps done a bit differently. Tessa infamously lost her bid for the X Division title to Ace Austin before shifting her sights onto the World Championship picture.

This booking decision left a bad taste in many fan’s mouths. Why, if she couldn’t beat Austin, was she being given the opportunity to challenge then world champion Sammi Callihan? This is where Impact will shift. By putting Jordynne in a similar gauntlet style match and having her be victorious. Defending the title over the course of a few months and eventually dropping that title she will be free to “move up” and challenge whoever might be the titleholder at that time.