Impact Wrestling: Full injury updates from Bound For Glory

IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS
IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS /

Impact Wrestling’s Bound For Glory took place this past Saturday and a full list of injuries was released early Monday morning, including an update on Kylie Rae, who is reportedly not injured.

As initially reported by, Impact Wrestling has released its full list of injuries that were accumulated during the Bound For Glory PPV.

Off the top former WWE superstar, Heath Slater (now known as Heath Miller) is believed to have suffered a hernia during the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match. The severity of the hernia is, as of yet, unknown and his timeline to return is unknown as well.

Tommy Dreamer is reported to have fractured a tooth during the Impact Wrestling Call Your Shot Gauntlett early in the match and worked a majority of it in very severe pain.

Additionally, The on-screen Alex Shelley injury angle that took place following the pile driver on the ramp was prompted by a real injury. Shelley took to Twitter following the spot to tell fans “Pro Wrestling is a dangerous sport and sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to.” He went on to apologize to Black Label Pro and Pro Wrestler Billy Roc who he was supposed to face soon for the promotion. finishing his statement with “Piledrivers are dangerous.”

An update on Kylie Rae in Impact Wrestling

He went on to tweet again later in the night about the physical side-effects of a C-3, C-4, and C-5 spinal injury and what to look for following the trauma in order to be proactive. While there is no official word from Impact wrestling regarding this incident it does look as if Shelley’s neck is causing him issues again and he may be on the shelf for quite a while.

The most intriguing thing to come from the PWInsider report, came when they offered additional information about Kylie Rae’s injury and standing with the company. According to their report, Kylie did in fact travel to Nashville as scheduled and reported yesterday afternoon.

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However, in contrast to the report made by F4WOnline’s Brian Alvarez’ initially report, PWInsider states that Rae was not injured and simply told the company that she would not be able to appear. PWInsider also reports that they have been told that she is still in good standing with the company and their creative teams are working now to adjust their recording schedule to work around her absence. No return date has been reported.