WWE: Elias is in line for a post-HIAC push

Elias, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE)
Elias, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE) /

The feud between Elias and Jeff Hardy isn’t over but now is the time to give him a push up the roster and into higher profile matches.

WWE Hell in a Cell has come and gone. Titles changed hands and the Money in the Bank briefcase is in a new pair of hands. With a new edition of WWE content coming this week it is time for someone to get the post-PPV push. Looking at how he performed on Sunday, it is time for Elias to get a bigger push after picking up a victory over Jeff Hardy.

Elias defeated Hardy in a match that lasted nearly eight minutes on Sunday. Hardy was disqualified after smashing the guitar over Elias’s back, letting viewers know that this angle will be continued for weeks to come. While WWE has lessened the value of it is PPV matches by continuing the angles for weeks to months, it would benefit Elias if he found a way to get a clean finish over Hardy. WWE Creative does not book in this way, but now is an opportunity to elevate Elias into something of substance within the mid-card and eventually beyond.

Elias has long toiled in the lower portion of the roster. At this point it is still surprising to recognize that the only singles title he is held is the 24/7 championship – in what amounts to a joke of a reign. The closest he has come to any belt of value was the Intercontinental title tournament he participated in earlier this year. He needs to pick up a clean win over Hardy to kick off the push with a victory over a recent title holder. Hardy does not need to come out on top of this feud. He is long established, permanently over and can get heated up faster than many others on the roster. Elias needs an established push, and the time is now to get this going in his favor.

The challenge is where should he go. Bobby Lashley has a firm grip on the United States title. The tag team division is null and void, plus Elias does not need to get stuck in that group at this time. There really is not anywhere to take Elias at this time, but WWE Creative needs to find a way to get him continued television time and consistent, clean victories for an extended run. There are plenty of faces that Elias can defeat on the main roster, along with picking up wins over Hardy.

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Elias can deliver solid matches in the ring and is good on the microphone. Plus, his look (while stunningly like Randy Savage) is unique and physical enough to be believable as a main event level performer. The path to getting him into a higher position on the main roster is not clear, but after Hell in a Cell now is the time to give Elias a bump up the ladder.