WWE Raw: Here’s when The Miz should cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase

WWE, The Miz (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)
WWE, The Miz (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images) /

The Money in the Bank briefcase is in good hands, but when should The Miz cash in his contract on WWE Raw?

It didn’t take long for The Miz to make his first appearance with the Money in the Bank briefcase on WWE Raw, as he opened the show by interrupting Drew McIntyre’s post-Hell in a Cell promo. As you’d expect, the A-Lister earned himself an ass-kicking later in the night, and that will be a common theme for him as the cowardly heel holding the contract. He’s going to get a lot of butt-whoopings in the coming months.

But it will be all worth it. From King Corbin to Braun Strowman to Brock Lesnar to Otis, we haven’t had the best record with Money in the Bank winners on the men’s side since 2017. The only one of those four wrestlers to successfully cash in the briefcase after winning it was Lesnar, and that win did nobody any good.

So The Miz is an opportunity for the Men’s Money in the Bank briefcase to actually feel important and to lead to something bigger. Almost immediately, the Raw men’s main event scene is exciting. We have The Miz with the briefcase, and he could cash in on Randy Orton, just as he did a decade earlier. Meanwhile, Orton has to worry about another ghost from his past, as he has to answer for burning down the Wyatt Family Compound.

The thing is, I don’t see Miz cashing in on Orton. He could, but I have a feeling the A-Lister wants to pick his spot. He’s 100 percent going to have a successful cash-in – if he doesn’t, the Money in the Bank briefcase REALLY looks like a joke in the Men’s Division – but I think he’s going to wait for a headline-making moment.

The Miz could cash in on Edge after he beats Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37

Edge and Randy Orton have to be on a collision course for a WrestleMania match. I honestly would rather see an up-and-comer put over at WrestleMania, sure, but that’s not how it always works. If they are going to do yet another match between Edge and Orton, then they have to make it a spectacle at WrestleMania in order to pull people in. The story is there, because Edge’s injury actually gives WWE an opportunity to make another match between them more compelling.

I think Edge wins but doesn’t celebrate for long. How fitting would it be for the Ultimate Opportunist to fall victim to a man who has essentially taken that mantle from him in recent years? The Miz could make his headline moment at WrestleMania, win the title, and set up a memorable feud with Edge.

See, what makes me so excited about Edge’s return isn’t just the final Orton vs. Edge match, but it’s thinking of all the possible dream feuds for the Rated R Superstar. He’s going to end up on the WWE Raw brand, so we’d have to wait for Edge vs. Seth Rollins at a later date (Survivor Series 2021, maybe?) But before then, we could get some seriously awesome matches on Raw, such as The Miz vs. Edge.

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Prepare for a long run of months of The Miz cutting great promos, selling beatdowns, and getting under everybody’s skin. Whereas it’s not always a good sign when WWE waits on a Money in the Bank winner, such as with Otis, it might actually be the opposite case with someone who can talk and sell like The Miz.