WWE: Imagine a world with Lana as champion

WWE, Lana (Photo by Mary Clavering/Young Hollywood/Getty Images)
WWE, Lana (Photo by Mary Clavering/Young Hollywood/Getty Images) /

Lana has been booked as a comedy of errors lately, but it’s not too hard to imagine a world where this would lead to her having a brief reign as champion.

WWE is the land where the unexpected is expected to happen. While storylines and outcomes are often predictable, there are fun moments that pop up where something comes out of left field. The last few weeks, it seems like Lana has been the butt of on-air ribbing. While some speculate around why this is happening, she is still getting screen time and even found a way to get a title shot out of the madness. But imagine a world where she would somehow find the WWE Raw women’s title around her waist. Do not cringe, odder things have happened in WWE.

For the last six weeks, Nia Jax has made it a point to put Lana through the announce table. Even after Lana found a way to earn her spot on the Raw women’s Survivor Series team. The group begrudgingly welcomed her with open arms, before leaving her splayed out on the floor once again. It is funny to laugh at Lana as she has been put in this spot, but do not be surprised if this somehow led into her somehow getting her hands around that title held by Asuka.

Lana may not be the best at putting on five-star, twenty-minute classic wrestling matches, but she is fantastic at projecting her character on the screen any time she is near a camera. Whether it is her dance breaks on Tik Tok or those ridiculous segments with Bobby Lashley, she excels at drawing attention. Right now, that attention comes in a sympathetic fashion and if booked right that sympathy can lead to a brief boost that could elevate Lana to the title.

Now, at first glance, yes, it is comical to think of Lana having the women’s title around her waist. It is hard to imagine a situation where she could ever beat Asuka in a single’s match. They had a singles match a few weeks back that was less than three minutes before Asuka forced Lana to submit. But the story does not have to end there. Imagine if Lana somehow finds a way to be the last woman standing at Survivor Series. From there, she a slow build to her getting a rematch against Asuka while booking her as the underdog, just to overcome in a rematch weeks down the line. I know, long term booking is not the WWE’s forte, but odder things have occurred in between their ropes.

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Everything in the WWE does not have to be serious. There are times when good natured content brings value to what fans see on television. Whether WWE is “punishing” Lana for her husband joining All Elite Wrestling is a moot point, she is continuing to get prime placement in the women’s division. Could this lead to a run with the belt? Maybe, maybe not. But it would be entertaining to watch for a moment at the very least.