WWE is in a ‘Stone Cold’ trademark dispute with NFL star

Chris Jones (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Chris Jones (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin continues to make waves despite being away from the squared circle.

WWE and NFL Star Chris Jones’ company Stone Cold Jones LLC. are at loggerheads over the Stone Cold name. Jones’ company has a new product with Stone Cold Jones Joda name, and this has caused a problem for the company. The Wrestling Juggernaut has filed a formal complaint against the company, and the matter is sub judice. H/T: HeelByNature

Stone Cold Jones LLC’s product is a connect to KC Soda, but it looks like the product could do more damage than help them. Stone Cold was a prominent superstar during the Attitude Era for the WWE (then WWF), and it was his storyline with The Chairman that helped the company take down its competition. While a lot has to be credited to other superstars too but it is undeniable that Austin’s persona helped the company more than the others.

Austin is no longer in any capacity with the WWE, but the superstar’s Stone Cold name is still with the company and the use of the name has caused this issue to surface. WWE filed the complaint on 9/14 stating that the company owns the right to the name and that it took a lot of effort to build the Stone Cold persona. It also clarified that the business uses the character to sell its merchandise and the use of the same name is in connection with International Class 25 goods and International Class 41 services that are used by Stone Cold Jones LLC.

Jones’ company in response to the plaintiff stated that the name is in connection with NFL player Chris Jones and Kansas City Chiefs. It also claimed that any alleged act committed by Jones was due to lack of knowledge and lack of willful intent.

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It is not the first time that Jones’ company has faced a backlash as the company has faced issues with Jones Soda Co. and Stone Cold Brewery in the past and is yet to respond to the complaints.