AEW: PAC is going to have a major return

AEW, PAC Photo: Lee South/AEW
AEW, PAC Photo: Lee South/AEW /

When AEW can finally get PAC back into the ring it will be a moment that will remind everyone just how great he is and that he’s ready for a main event run.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has limited the available rosters throughout wrestling. One person that All Elite Wrestling has missed is PAC. There is no telling how he would have fit in to the current scene on AEW if he were not forced to remain across the Atlantic, but there seems to be a path to his return in the near future. And this will be a massive return when it occurs on AEW Dynamite.

During this week’s edition of AEW Dynamite, PAC was featured in a video snippet that was less than two minutes long, but long enough to make fans opine for more. When it was announced last week that he was going to be speaking, fans took to Wrestling Twitter to express their excitement. And there is a lot of excitement to be had around the idea of PAC finding a way to come back to the active AEW roster. WWE just brought back Toni Storm and Pete Dunne, so perhaps there is a way leadership in AEW can get the Bastard back in the ring.

It is hard to even remember that PAC and Adrian Neville are the same person. Yes, he was always putting on great matches within NXT and when given the opportunity on the WWE main roster. But this version of PAC is something to behold. His exit from the WWE and emergence back on the indy scene gives many wrestlers hope for what they could possibly obtain if they were to step away from the biggest promotion in the industry. His name and face are popping up at a time where he can set the AEW ring on fire.

There is a myriad of feuds that PAC could have from the very start. Eddie Kingston, Darby Allin, Scorpio Sky, and others are just there. PAC should not be put in a position where he is taking premature losses in his first feud upon return. No, in fact, he could be elevated to the main event picture right out of the gate. AEW has quietly slid away from their sports mentality that uses rankings to direct who gets title shots and opportunities. Which is fine because it allows for more flexibility in storytelling. This opens the door for PAC to return and step right into a main event angle.

In many ways, it is a bit difficult to see AEW putting the belt around PAC’s waist. But he has all the potential to deliver. Viewers know his matches are going to be exceptional. There so many in his catalogue to pull from as examples. His character is a bit on a lower tier than that of a Jon Moxley, Kingston, or Cody – but it still gets over in delivery. Heck imagine a world where he and Kingston teamed up as two “outsiders” of sorts. That story will not come but there is so many different angles his return could venture down.

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Either way, PAC should be considered a pillar to AEW. He has been out of action for seven months as fans wait with bated breath for his return. When he comes back, expect carnage. The exact type of carnage that wrestling fans will not want to turn away from.