AEW Full Gear 2020: 3 possible upsets at the Pay Per View

AEW, Eddie Kingston (photo courtesy of AEW)
AEW, Eddie Kingston (photo courtesy of AEW) /
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1. Eddie Kingston dethrones Moxley

With nearly two decades in this business, Eddie Kingston has made his name as an “indy-darling.” However, he has never made it to be a household name. That was until now. Since arriving in All Elite Wrestling, Kingston has proven that he can hold his own with the industries finest.  Eddie has found himself in AEW and has been unleashed on an old friend and current AEW World Champion Jon Moxley. And, speaking for myself, he has been brilliant.

The feud between Kingston and Moxley has been one of the most intense rivalries in recent years. You can feel the tension between the two men when they meet in the ring. They have grown this feud organically by using their past together to build the heat. While it is no surprise for Jon Moxley to be one of the absolute best on the microphone, Eddie Kingston has done more than hold his own against the champion. After a long eighteen-year career, Eddie has his chance to make his name in history by becoming the AEW World Champion and he may just do it.

This rivalry has felt real since the beginning and has grown deeper and deeper each week. The promo between Kingston and Moxley this past Wednesday felt like the start of a street fight that you would see out in public. These two men aren’t afraid to literally get into each other’s faces and aren’t afraid of a good old-fashion slobber knocker. Sadly, a good old-fashion fight is far from what we are going to get. There will be nothing good about what happens when these two men collide. In an “I Quit” match between two men who have no clue what the word quit means, this will be a bloody battle, to say the least.

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All Elite Wrestling has been testing their limits since day one to how far they can go. This Saturday at Full Gear, we are going to see those limits be tested once again. While it is almost impossible to picture either of these men to utter those forbidden words, they may be said by a man who decides to “quit” their assault. With Jon Moxley saying that he has promised Kingston’s mother to keep Eddie safe and Kingston telling Moxley that he will have to kill him, one questions if Moxley will have it in him to finish Eddie Kingston.