Alexa Bliss is already shining in her new character on WWE Raw

WWE, Alexa Bliss (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images For dcp)
WWE, Alexa Bliss (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images For dcp) /

Who else can’t get enough of what Alexa Bliss is doing on WWE Raw?

I’m going to start off this post by saying something honest that needs to be said. WWE Raw isn’t an easy show to watch. It drags on. Those three hours can feel painful sometimes, because it feels like the show is out of ideas and out of a sense of direction. But there are a few bright spots and a whole lot of wrestlers trying their best. Out of all those wrestlers, Alexa Bliss might be the one putting in the best work post-draft.

After Survivor Series, we’ll probably see things pick up on Raw a little more as new storylines develop and the mediocre build to a no-stakes Pay Per View is no longer taking time away from wrestlers to tell more compelling stories.

But even with Survivor Series looming, Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt have managed to quickly establish themselves as the wrestlers to watch each week on Monday nights.

Bliss has added so much to Wyatt and the Fiend. The way she said, “He. Could Be. HERE.” with the “here” in a happy voice with a huge smile was creepier than almost anything we’ve seen the Fiend and Wyatt do. Because it was so jarring, seeing Bliss so happy to tell Randy Orton to his face that he was potentially about to meet a very gruesome fate.

Alexa Bliss has made the Firefly Funhouse segments even better

The Firefly Funhouse segments have pretty much always been home-runs, but they’ve reached another level with Bliss as someone for Wyatt to go off of. Bliss turns things up to “11” with her character in these segments, which is exactly what you’re supposed to do on that “show”.

It would be so easy for the Firefly Funhouse and for Bray’s character to lose some magic at first with someone else involved, but Bliss has stepped right in and added something special without taking anything away from what’s made the Firefly Funhouse work. Sometimes, we don’t get Bliss enough credit for how creative she is and how great she is at acting. She steps right into the spotlight and makes anything work character-wise with limited adjustment.

On this week’s episode of WWE Raw, Bliss didn’t have an interaction with Waytt but with her old tag team partner Nikki Cross, whom she won titles with. Cross was concerned about Bliss’ transformation – and understandably so.

It’s been amazing watching Bliss tune Cross out, completely oblivious to the conversation Cross is trying to have with her. The woman who once proudly proclaimed, “Yes, my brain IS washed,” acted as if she had no recollection of her meaningful friendship with Cross. It was as if any mere memory of those emotions had been erased. Though Bliss did feign siding with Cross when given a choice before enthusiastically declaring that she had chosen to stick with “Him”.

Alexa Bliss has also helped sell the dangers of the Fiend

And it’s the way Bliss unwaveringly refers to the Fiend as “Him”, as if she has committed her entire sense of being to this ominous, twisted, creation of Wyatt’s. It’s really quite frightening, and Bliss’ behavior does an excellent job of portraying how scary the Fiend’s cult leader-like presence is without conveying so explicitly.

It’s been especially refreshing to see Bliss’ character work on Raw, because the show itself has been lacking in unique, compelling stories over the course of three hours. The Hurt Business is among the exceptions, but, for the most part, most wrestlers are constrained by tropes and the type of risk-averse storytelling that WWE has become infamous for.

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Not Bliss and Wyatt. They are standing out each week, with Bliss being the main highlight. She did so much to enhance the main event scene on SmackDown when Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt were feuding for the Universal Title, and she is now doing the same for Raw’s main event scene. And to think, she’s only going to get better in this role over the next few months.