WWE: Time to get rid of the 24/7 Championship

WWE (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
WWE (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

The 24/7 Championship was a rushed idea like many others in the WWE and last night’s segment shows it’s time for this belt to be pushed aside.

The WWE has branded itself as a “sports entertainment” business, but the entertainment is much larger than the sports. That can be seen with how frivolously the organization treats many of its titles. The prestige of being a champion does not come with many of the belts on the WWE main roster. But none are more embarrassing than the 24/7 title. After last night’s segment, its time for that belt to go away as it is lost everything that made it even slightly engaging when first announced.

One year ago, WWE announced that a new title will be coming to the Raw brand. After the Money in the Bank PPV, Mick Foley introduced the new title and its use of the 24/7 rule. Immediately after, WWE wrestlers were off to the races, chasing each other and attempting to come up with new ways to trick and pin their counterparts to take the belt.

At first it was a comical escape from the rest of the show, allowing wrestlers to be creative with the few minutes they were featured on television. This led to the further establishment of R-Truth as a fantastic comedic wrestler and even the elevation of Carmella who served as the perfect second to his act when they were partnered together. Unfortunately, that is the only good that can really be recognized from a belt that highlights just how worthless many of the titles are within the entire promotion.

On the November 9 edition of Monday Night Raw ten different title reigns started and ended within a segment that was minutes long. The belt started on Truth before passing through the hands of individuals like Akira Tozawa, Tucker, the Lucha House Party, and others before ending back up on Truth. What was meant to be funny, did nothing more than highlight even more examples of wrestlers that the WWE fails to utilize in any respectable manner. This segment was not funny. Instead it was a reminder that wrestling fans do not have to take WWE’s product seriously, and in the worst case can check out entirely during segments like this.

The 24/7 Championship does create the opportunity for some wrestlers to get on television when they would not otherwise. But at some point, those appearances begin to create diminishing returns. Truth and Drake Maverick excel in segments like these. But the Lucha House Party, Gulak, Tozawa and others could all be leveraged in other ways, on other shows like 205 Live or NXT to help diversify the content and performers seen on screen. Instead, they are booked in a mess of segment such as what we saw on Monday, removing all credibility from each of them in less than five minutes.

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The 24/7 Championship was once a comedic break on Monday Night Raw that would elicit chuckles and even strong viewing numbers on YouTube. Unfortunately, lack of direction has killed this belt just like many other parts of WWE content have fallen by the wayside. It is time to quietly remove or potentially rebrand what this title has become because this recent segment was a terrible low point.