AEW: Features to look for in upcoming console game

AEW, Cody Rhodes (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for WarnerMedia Company)
AEW, Cody Rhodes (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for WarnerMedia Company) /

All Elite Wrestling announced multiple video game projects in the works. These are some features video game fans would want to see in this newly-anticipated console game.

All Elite Wrestling has been at the center of attention of professional wrestling for the past few days. During the post-event press conference for Full Gear on Saturday, Tony Khan announced that an AEW video game was in production. Less than a week later, the promotion launched AEW Games and presented a trailer with more information of what is to come. Looking back at the history of professional wrestling video games there are a lot to successful examples to pull from. Since AEW likes to dip into the nostalgia realm quite often, here are some features from past wrestling video games that fans may want to see in the promotion’s highly anticipated title.

During the AEW Games event on Tuesday, the promotion announced two mobile games and one console games. While the mobile gaming front is a massive space in entertainment, the console gaming world is a juggernaut. The most important news in their showcase is that the company is partnering with Yuke’s who has more than twenty-five years of experience in creating wrestling video games. Some of the features mentioned in this piece come from the games they created along with others popularized by AKI Corporation which created classics like WWF No Mercy and the Def Jam Vendetta series.

Grapple System

Professional wrestling is grappling at it is best. AKI Corporation developed a grappling system that featured varying levels of moves that could be completed depending upon the level of grapple initiated. Special maneuvers were also based on the level of grapple mixed in with the wrestler’s momentum meter. As the system became more sophisticated later in the series, a wrestler’s move set also included their positioning around the ring, making for some exciting moments when players would stumble onto moves dependent upon where the character and opponent were in the ring. This system should make a comeback for All Elite Wrestling’s first steps in the video game space.

Intricate Storyline

Professional wrestling is built on stories. AEW excels in telling the stories that professional wrestling fans enjoy. Wrestling video games can also include those stories that keep people hooked and playing. One may want to look at a traditional wrestling game for an example of such, but the Def Jam series (yes these are wrestling games) have the best stories available while mixing what are clearly wrestling game play mechanics. The Def Jam series, also developed by AKI Corporation, told great stories featuring the biggest names in Hip Hop during that time. Imagine that type of engrossing story told with the characters that AEW has developed. And yes, there needs to be a storyline for both the men and the women that adorn the AEW roster.

Cross Promotional Representation

This is a difficult one but something that could happen in the gaming space. There is a growing sentiment to see more cross-promotional collaboration in professional wrestling. It has happened in the past with New Japan Pro, Ring of Honor, Impact, and others. The NWA is currently having its title featured on AEW television – in many ways a stronger fashion than AEW features its own women’s division. Imagine if the AEW video game kicked off some type of partnership with AEW and other major promotions, specifically NJPW. Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kazuchika Okada, Kota Ibushi, Minoru Suzuki, and KENTA as downloadable or secret characters would spark a major interest in fans. Plus, they would clamor to not only see them in the video game, but on the TV in real life.

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All Elite Wrestling has cemented themselves as here to stay in the wrestling industry. With weekly television content, a new line of action figures and an upcoming video game, the group is continuing to expand in ways that fans want to see. These are some popular features in past video games that would have fans excited to play this video game whenever it drops for consoles.