Impact Wrestling: A fan-favorite tag team is leaving the company

IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS
IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS /

The Rascalz are reportedly leaving Impact Wrestling. 

Initially reported by, it seems that The Rascalz’s time with Impact Wrestling has come to an end. The trio initially signed with Impact in 2018 and quickly rose to become fan favorites.

From their skill in-ring to their comedy sketches inside the “treehouse” they quickly found their footing in the company and helped it through a less than ideal time when many of their stars were moving on to other opportunities. Now, it seems, it’s their turn.

The Rascalz spent much of their time in Impact wrestling unsuccessfully chasing after the Impact World Tag Team Titles with Trey chasing after both the X-Division and World Heavyweight Title. The faction never successfully held a title in Impact Wrestling. PWInsider has also reported that sources inside Impact have stated that the Rascalz departure is amicable and that the door is always open for them to return.

What’s next for The Rascalz after Impact Wrestling?

The question remains, however, where do they go from here? Dez and Wentz are the current reigning PWG Tag Team Champions and could choose to maintain their independent status over signing with another company.

But where does that leave Trey? The singles specialist of the faction is a respected independent wrestler yes. But does not have the same cache and star power as his fellow members when performing for smaller companies. He is the kind of performer that needs a big company at his back pushing him forward. So which big company should they choose?

If the trio were to go to NXT it is hard to imagine that they would be left to themselves and allowed to continue the gimmick that made them stars. More than likely they would be broken up and pitted against one another almost immediately.

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If they were to go to AEW however and wanted to stay together the company seems like it would have no problem allowing that. They already have several trios from the top to the bottom of the card from SCU, to Murder Triangle. A trio of fun-loving athletes with an ability to wow in the ring seems ready-made for the Florida-based promotion.