WWE Raw: Expect To See A Title Change Before Survivor Series

The Hurt Business (photo courtesy of WWE)
The Hurt Business (photo courtesy of WWE) /

With two traditional Survivor Series matches on the card both causing their own chaos, the Hurt Business have been distributing their own brand of pain on Raw these days.

With Survivor Series growing near, the WWE is no stranger to pulling some unexpected moves right before a big pay-per-view to shake things up. We have seen the WWE Championship switch hands twice before Survivor Series in the past. The first time when AJ Styles defeated Jinder Mahal to go on and face the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar in 2017. Then again the year later when Daniel Bryan would low blow to defeat AJ for the WWE Championship to get his shot against still Universal Champion Lesnar.

Knowing that anything can happen in the WWE and their love of some swerve balls, some have questioned if Sami Zayn will make it to Survivor Series to face Bobby Lashley. However, I have to question if The New Day will make it to Survivor Series to face The Street Profits. As of late The Hurt Business has been one of the hottest things going in the WWE. They have the United States Championship already and you know MVP is always wanting to grab more gold.

Now that Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander have earned an opportunity to fight for the Raw Tag Team Championships, The Hurt Business is going to stop at no costs to secure those titles for their brand. This Monday on Raw, The Hurt Business are going to be all business going into this match, pun intended. Although, The New Day knows this very well, especially after their loss to Cedric and Shelton, that led to this match.

When Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods get down to business themselves, they are two of the most unstoppable forces in the WWE. That is what has led them to multiple tag team championships and Kofi to the top winning the WWE Championship with his brothers by his side. Unfortunately, thanks to the latest WWE draft. This isn’t the same version of The New Day we had back then. Without Big E with them every step, we will have to see how much that missing step matters.

There is no doubt that this will be an intense championship match between these two teams. However, it may come to the numbers in the end, and The Hurt Business has The New Day outnumbered by two. We have seen in the past that The Hurt Business does whatever and whenever if it means that it will get them further to the top. This is an opportunity that The Hurt Business knows they can’t let slip away.

If The Hurt Business can secure these titles, they can go to Survivor Series and show that not only Raw means business but Raw means The Hurt Business! They have taken the fight to Retribution and now they are looking for a bit of their own. This will be a great match between two teams, to say the least, but I believe it is MVP that will be crucial to the ending of this match, win or lose. If MVP can play his part at ringside perfectly, we will see new tag team champions.

However, if MVP gets too obsessed with his brand’s image, he may be the one to cost them the shot at the gold. If he gets too involved with the match, he could end up getting his boys disqualified and cost them the championships. Also, The Hurt Business has also been getting under the skin of the likes of Titus O’Neil and Drew Gulak who could get in their way of total domination. We will see on Monday Night Raw!

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