AEW: It’s Time For Tony Khan To Use His Authority

AEW, Tony Khan 2019 TM & © Turner Entertainment Networks, Inc. A WarnerMedia Company
AEW, Tony Khan 2019 TM & © Turner Entertainment Networks, Inc. A WarnerMedia Company /

AEW has made a mark on this wrestling industry for over a year now. Since their formation, they have thrived on being different from the competition. Although could a bit of familiarity be the thing to spice things up?

In AEW, a company that has multiple Executive Vice Presidents wrestling on the show, they seem to be a little dysfunctional at times. Since the founding of All Elite Wrestling, Tony Khan has been the man in charge and is beloved by his employees. Khan has made his presence known on AEW programming and on the Being The Elite YouTube channel. However, he hasn’t shown the authority he has over his company.

Similar to a young Vince McMahon, Tony hasn’t taken the rule of the supreme overlord of his creation yet. Tony still has a long way to go before he could become the “Mr. Khan” of AEW. However, that doesn’t mean that it would be a bad idea. AEW is in dire need of a head Authority Figure to bring some order to the chaos that has become AEW weekly programming. I mean, there has been a Dark Order running rampant since the start, to say the least.

Now with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks, both showing signs of heel turns, it is time for Tony to step up and take charge of his company. The Young Bucks have been super kicking referees for far too long and it is time for Mr. Tony Khan to do something about it! It could be an easy transition for Tony to be moved into a television role as the new on-screen Authority Figure in AEW. This is something that I believe that many would agree would be a much-needed move.

Tony could step into a role similar to Jack Tunney’s role in the early days of WWE. Stepping in at major times when necessary would be better than having no figure in charge on weekly television. At first glance at AEW, it looks like the roster is running wild with nobody to forcefully take charge and say “you have to listen to me and there is nothing you can do about it.” I mean somebody needs to be in charge of making things “best for business,” right?

Although, it’d be fine if Tony Khan doesn’t want to transition into the role. There are many options for him to bring in to fill the role instead. We have seen the likes of Bret Hart, Eric Bischoff, and Vickie Guerrero arrive in AEW, all with former experience as an authority figure. With Tony Khan teasing major surprises ahead, could the announcement of a new authority figure be among these plans? I believe it would be the right decision to make.

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