Wrestling: Ranking the top 10 finishing moves in history

WWE, Drew McIntyre (photo courtesy of WWE)
WWE, Drew McIntyre (photo courtesy of WWE) /
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WWE, Stone Cold Steve Austin  (Photo credit should read JOHN MOTTERN/AFP via Getty Images)
WWE, Stone Cold Steve Austin  (Photo credit should read JOHN MOTTERN/AFP via Getty Images) /

1. Stone Cold Stunner

Glass shatters. Mr. McMohan’s face goes pale. Austin walks out looking like the most pissed off, badass SOB on the planet. He’s inaudibly running his mouth. Chills run down your spine.

This is a scene that WWE has repeated over a million times, and it works every single time.

You know how fans complain WWE has a problem with letting go of the past, well this thing can go on for 10 more years and nobody will complain.

That scene I described, by the way, was from RAW 25, and it was the best thing on that show by a million miles. I myself have watched that clip about 15 times. I even watched it while putting in this link. Vince trying to escape, throwing Shane to the wolves, getting bear on his suite, Shane getting stunned twice, it’s brilliant. Do yourself a favor, go watch it now.

It’s funny, the normal rules of former stars being appreciated for putting over new stars and being crapped on for burying new ones don’t really apply to Austin.

DX were criticized for burying the Revival on RAW 25, APA were criticized for burying The Ascension, but nobody ever complains about Austin stunning AJ Styles, or stunning Street Profits.

It’s almost like the stunner’s so iconic, that it’s an honor to take the move, not a burial. It doesn’t hurt that the segments with Styles and Profits were excellent TV. In fact, all of Steve Austin’s return segments are consistently hilarious, maybe there’s a pattern there.

Quite simply, Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Stone Cold Stunner will always be over. Austin could be in his 80s, come to the ring in a wheelchair and stun Vince’s coffin and it’ll still get a pop. All right, maybe that’s a bit dark, but I’m just trying to explain how much beloved Austin and his Stunner are.

This is the move I was talking about which is another match made in heaven, or hell in this case as well because Austin likes to raise hell. Get it?

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I’m not even going to research about who invented the move or what it was called because nobody cares. It’ll always be Austin’s Stunner, that he’s now given to Kevin Owens, but it’s still his.

The most badass finisher for the most badass wrestler.