WWE Survivor Series: 5 ways to raise the Pay Per View’s stakes

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WWE (Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images) /
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Cash Prize

When you think of people actively participating in an activity or a sport involving competition at a high or professional level, what are they normally fighting for? If you guessed fame, recognition, championships, or money, you’re probably right. More specifically, no one has ever complained about winning a stack of hard-earned cash after a brutal UFC fight or for a big-money NFL contract following an exhausting season.

After all these years, fighting for “brand supremacy” is pointless and could even be looked at is straight-up “lazy booking” to many fans. If there is absolutely nothing at stake besides fighting for either Raw or SmackDown, why not take the easy route and offer a cash reward?

Using a financial prize as a motive would make a lot more sense while these men and women are literally battling tooth and nail for a spot on their respective Survivor Series team, in which they are fighting for nothing. Now, as classic WWE booking probably would, they don’t need to take this angle into another “Million Dollar Man” type gimmick, but they could definitely use it to their advantage to at least make these elimination matches have something at stake.

It may seem like the lazy way out, but at least they are fighting over SOMETHING.