WWE Survivor Series: 5 ways to raise the Pay Per View’s stakes

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WWE, Brock Lesnar
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Sole Survivor Becomes #1 Contender

With all champions in the WWE participating in “best of the best”, brand vs. brand matches at Survivor Series, a potential for adding a number one contender stipulation is a lot more possible and can definitely add some intrigue to the match.

In fact, in the WWE, what other incentive could rapidly push a mid-card level talent involved into the main event picture more than a shot at the WWE or Universal Championship? Or the Raw or SmackDown Women’s Championships?

With the WrestleMania main event already off the table due to the Royal Rumble stipulation, why not implement some stakes for a Royal Rumble championship match? Not only would the superstar not have to battle 30 others for a shot to face the champion at WrestleMania, they would essentially bypass the line and be able to challenge either at the Rumble, the December TLC pay-per-view, or even on Raw or SmackDown, which could both use a ratings boost. It just makes sense to add some sort of title implications to the Survivor Series elimination matches.

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This would be a perfect way to elevate a male and female superstar ahead of the road to WrestleMania, as well as create new stars at the same time. Any match with title implications always creates intrigue and anticipation, things that the Survivor Series matches tend to lack from year to year.