WWE Survivor Series 2020: Could this be Kevin Owens’ night?

WWE, Kevin Owens (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)
WWE, Kevin Owens (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images) /

Raw and SmackDown will collide next week at WWE Survivor Series 2020. Could Kevin Owens be the Blue Brand’s key to victory?

Last year, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens couldn’t co-exist on the same team at Survivor Series. And this year at WWE Survivor Series 2020, they are on the same team again, albeit as members of the SmackDown roster.

Owens doesn’t just have a rocky relationship with Rollins because of their past history, which included a fiery rivalry that ended with Owens defeating the Monday Night Messiah at WrestleMania 36.

KO has now made enemies with Jey Uso, because Roman Reigns saw Owens’ tongue-in-cheek comments and concern for Jey as a disrespect to the Universal Champion. Reigns is running SmackDown as champion like a mafia boss, and now Owens has crossed him.

But if anyone can juggle all of this and make it work, it is Owens. He’s been the one person attacked by the Fiend who hasn’t been changed yet, though, in the back of my mind, I am wondering if that could come into play next Sunday at Survivor Series.

Nevertheless, Owens, as a babyface, has been a locker room leader, which is something that comes up often on the screen. He shows concerns for other members of the roster. Remember his feud with Aleister Black? It started when Aleister attacked Owens on an episode of the Kevin Owens Show, but that appearance was set up by Owens out of concern for a man who was victimized by the merciless Rollins.

Even his brief run-in with the Fiend started because Owens wanted to politely ask Alexa Bliss for some insight into why Black turned heel.

Those are recent examples of Owens’ interests in helping the roster backfiring, but there are successful examples, too. The most prominent is the reunion of Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott, which occurred on an episode of the Kevin Owens Show. And now, Morgan and Riott will compete at Survivor Series as members of the same team.

Owens, as of right now, has no teammate he can lean on. Jey can’t stand him now, Rollins is a long-time rival of his, and King Corbin cares about nothing more than money and his own crown.

So Owens stands alone and is facing the odds. Team Raw hasn’t exactly been on the same page, but behind AJ Styles’ goofiness as the captain and the power of Keith Lee, Sheamus, and Braun Strowman, they are the favorites and could make it all work.

Meanwhile, Owens is staring down a tough prospect. If Team SmackDown can’t get it together and his teammates fail him again, we could get a situation where Owens has to fend for himself against the likes of Sheamus, Lee, and Braun on Team Raw.

His only hope would be for Big E – someone he’s hopefully made good with after the “Big O” debacle  – to make the team. Big E is someone who can match the power of Raw’s trio and is the kind of high-character superstar whom Owens can rely on.

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Owens facing down Team Raw on his own with a bunch of selfish heels is hardly ideal. But with Big E by his side, Survivor Series could finally be a victorious, proud night for KO.