WWE Survivor Series 2020 Rumors: Two more legends who will be at the PPV

WWE, The Undertaker (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
WWE, The Undertaker (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /

Who else will join the Undertaker at WWE Survivor Series 2020?

The Undertaker may put an end to his illustrious career during WWE Survivor Series 2020, and the word is that a lot of legends will be in attendance to give The Phenom the respect he deserves as he steps away from the squared circle.

According to a report from PWInsider.com’s Mike Johnson, The Godfather and The Deadman’s on-screen brother Kane are expected to be at Survivor Series.

Perhaps these are among the superstars that will help the former World Heavyweight Champion when he pulls the curtain on his career.

Kane and The Godfather have feuded and partnered with The Undertaker during their time in the WWE (then WWF). Kane is a superstar who came into being when he made his way in the company as The Undertaker’s half brother. This storyline worked wonders for both superstars as they fought each other before putting their differences aside to form a tag team called ‘The Brothers of Destruction.’ It is one of the most revered tag teams in the history of the wrestling business, and if the team’s match at Saudi Arabia against DX’s Triple H and Shawn Michaels does not count, then they are the best team in the industry.

The Godfather joined the WWE following The Undertaker’s suggestion and started a storyline after stealing his urn. Savio Vega is another superstar that rose to prominence between 1997 to 1999 and fought The Deadman for his title.  The Undertaker is looking for an opportunity at WWE’s Performance Center after he puts his in-ring career in the rearview mirror.

NXT and the Performance Center is one space that The Undertaker wishes to invest more time in after he hangs up the boots, but there is still no word on it. It is a good idea if he decides to share his years of in-ring experience and knowledge with the up and coming superstars inside the squared circle. The Undertaker has done everything there is to do for a superstar. It is still a possibility that the former Tag Team Champion will return for a match between 20 feet by 20 feet because of a recent tweet from WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt.

This speculation comes as the alter ego of The Fiend responded to a tweet by WWE saying that The Undertaker hasn’t faced everyone inside the squared circle. It is a dream match, and one would have to see if The Fiend interferes in the proceedings of the segment to ensure that we have The Dead Rise from Hell and put on a spectacle with The Fiend before ending his illustrious career.

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It would ensure that the fans will see the last of The Phenom at the Grandest Stage of them all, but one would have to check on how the company takes this story forward because there is still time for WrestleMania 37 and there have been rumours that it may happen at a later date.