AEW: Serena Deeb’s importance to the women’s division as a leader

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Serena Deeb’s experience as a wrestler and trainer are invaluable to the AEW Women’s Division

Serena Deeb hasn’t been in AEW very long, but she’s already making a big impression.

Deeb was brought in to wrestle Thunder Rosa for the NWA World Women’s Championship. She made quite an impression with both fans and the company. She was quickly signed to AEW.

Deeb beat Thunder Rosa on United Wrestling Network’s Prime Time Live on October 27 for the NWA World Women’s Championship. This past Saturday night, she defended her newly won title against Allysin Kay at Full Gear.

Being signed to AEW while holding the NWA World Women’s Championship is pretty impressive. She is already a champion and defending it on national television. It brings the current version of NWA into the mainstream. It shows that both companies have a lot of faith and trust in Deeb to represent two companies simultaneously.

Between Deeb’s two stints at WWE, she spent time as both a wrestler and a trainer. She brings 15 years of in-ring experience and three years as a trainer.

During the AEW Full Gear Virtual Media Scrum, I had the opportunity to ask Deeb a question. I asked:

“What do you think that AEW can do to make their women’s division more prominent and to have more in-depth storylines like we see the men getting? What do you think that you can bring to that to represent the women’s division on TV?”

Deeb focused on the second question when answering.

"“From a personal stand point, my objective is to be a leader here. I came from a position where I had to be a leader and that’s the thing I’m striving for the most right now. Just to lead by example and help this forge forward—this division forge forward to be what I know it can be, what everyone knows it can be.Everybody works so hard here. The girls are training all the time and I think that it’s just a matter of—there’s quite a bit of inexperience and the only thing—the only remedy for that is time and energy, and you know working towards changing that. I think the inexperience is a really good thing and a really positive thing because there’s so much room for growth. There’s so much potential.I know the women’s division here, everyone has a really amazing attitude and that’s something that I haven’t seen in other places I’ve been.So, we’re at a great starting off point. AEW’s only been around for a little bit over a year. There’s so much growth still to be had. And I’m just hoping to be a leader. I hope that my matches help elevate other people and I want to bring everybody up, so that’s definitely my intention. I’m looking forward to seeing what this division can do."

In just a few weeks, it seems like Deeb has already stepped into a leadership role. Now that she is representing two companies, she’s in an even better position to do so.

It’s refreshing that she doesn’t sugarcoat anything. She readily admits that there is a lot of inexperience in the AEW women’s division. However, she has a plan of how she and AEW can work to improve that.

The fact that she wants to elevate any of the other women is so important. She’s not only looking out for herself as a champion, but for the entire division. Elevating her opponents elevates the division as a whole along with the women individually.

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Deeb’s influence, ideas, and coaching are what the women’s division desperately needs. She is already leading by example. Deeb has the right mindset in approaching the division; she sees some of the issues and has put forth ideas on how to solve them. In combination with her insight and the help of the other coaches, AEW could greatly improve their division in the coming months.