WWE Survivor Series 2020 Bold Predictions: Edge Will Return

WWE, Edge (Photo by Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)
WWE, Edge (Photo by Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images) /
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WWE, The Miz
WWE, The Miz (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images) /

4.) Big E and Bianca Belair Will Be The Sole Survivors

In terms of the Men’s Survivor Series Elimination Match, Big E will be the sole survivor if he is the last member added to the team. Big E has not been booked in anything meaningful since his rivalry with Sheamus before the draft. He needs to continue his main event singles push momentum by becoming the sole survivor at this year’s Survivor Series event.

In terms of the Women’s Survivor Series Elimination Match, Bianca Belair will be the sole survivor. She is the next breakout star on Friday Nights and she needs to prove that by being an indomitable force in this elimination match with at least three eliminations. She needs to carry this team to victory, showing why she is truly the EST of WWE and future women’s champion.

3.) The Miz Will Cash In To Become WWE Champion

Once Roman Reigns decimates Drew McIntyre to win the ultimate brand war, McIntyre will be vulnerable. He will probably get a standing ovation from the crowd after the match for what will be a hard fought battle. However, those cheers will distract him long enough for The Miz to cash in his MITB contract and become WWE Champion.

Since no championships are on the line at this PPV, the champions won’t be prepared to defend their championships. Henceforth, a MITB cash in by The Miz would be unexpected and thereby well calculated. Of course, The Miz’s title reign would be short, as can be substantiated by how he has been booked in 2020. However, the moment itself will be must-see.