WWE Raw: Three fresh faces for the women’s division

WWE, Mercedes Martinez (Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for WWE)
WWE, Mercedes Martinez (Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for WWE) /

WWE Raw is in bad need of fresh faces in the women’s division. Here are three names that have been called up, but not utilized on the main roster.

The women’s division in the WWE is frequently described as the deepest roster in the industry. When looking up and down the group, description is correct. The problem, however, is that WWE Creative on the main roster continues to miss out on creating engaging booking for everyone in the group. This is exceptionally noticeable for Asuka, who as the Raw women’s champion struggles to get adequate booking on the show each week. She is saddled into storylines that do not truly need her because there are not any credible threats to her title. Here are three recommendations of women not seen on television who could help infuse some freshness into the women’s group on Monday Night Raw.

Santana Garrett, Mercedes Martinez and Vanessa Borne were each called up to the main roster at some point in 2020, only to find themselves sitting on the sideline week in, and week out. Each one of them could be used at a time when fans are expressing their disdain with seeing the same booking for the women every week.

Martinez stands out as the biggest name among the three. She is considered a legend in women’s wrestling and WWE should treat her as such. Just this week her 20th year in professional wrestling passed and there was an over-abundance of support sent her way across social media. Martinez has the respect of her peers, regardless of gender and its time for the WWE to recognize that in her booking. She was even quietly removed from the RETRIBUTION angle before doing too much damage to her stature. Once the women’s match between Sasha Banks and Asuka occurs at Survivor Series, Martinez would be a perfect foil to stand across from the current champion on the red brand.

Then there is Garrett and Borne. Garrett is another individual whose booking is puzzling, especially when you look at her experience in wrestling. Across her 11 years she has done great work in organizations like Shimmer, GCW and WOW. Garrett was called up to the main roster months ago, and other than two appearances she has not been seen since. She could easily be used in both the singles group and as a tag partner for someone else that needs some time in the ring.

Borne is in the same situation. She was also called up to the main roster, yet not utilized in any way. A simple of way of introducing her would be pair her with Garett or another veteran in a tag team before letting her grow on her own. Very similar to what they are attempting to do with Liv Morgan in the Riott Squad. Borne did not put out the best matches while in NXT but she did show important development that is needed for a wrestler in her position.

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The WWE can build up these individuals with simple measures like video content, promos and more. Asuka is one of the best wrestlers in the industry and it is almost heartbreaking that the promotion cannot find ways to keep her on television every week. Mercedes Martinez, Santana Garrett and Vanessa Borne are three individuals that can help boost the interest in this division. All WWE Creative needs to do is show some effort to get them out of catering.