WWE NXT: Results, Grades, and Analysis for November 18th, 2020

WWE NXT, Io Shirai (photo courtesy of WWE)
WWE NXT, Io Shirai (photo courtesy of WWE) /

Who won the big match between Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley on this week’s episode of WWE NXT?

On the November 18th edition of WWE NXT, former champions look to reclaim their coveted prizes while others aim to maintain their momentum as the year’s final NXT TakeOver approaches. Io Shirai faces another challenge in her reign as she goes head to head with the unpredictable Rhea Ripley.

Johnny Gargano Vs. Leon Ruff

Grade: B

Johnny Gargano looks to avenge last week’s humiliating loss in a North American Championship rematch with Leon Ruff. Following some bitter words, Gargano began the match with a cheap shot and a combination of strikes and slams in the corner. Leon would fire right back mid-match, using his agility to dodge his opponent’s attacks and using the ropes for major aerial moves.

Towards the conclusion, Damian Priest would appear to distract the champion. He would then strike Ruff to force a disqualification.

Leon Ruff made a thrilling statement in this short but dynamic contest, using his speed and size to frequently outlast Gargano’s early rally. When it seemed as if the former champion had the match won with a superkick and rope hung DDT, the Archer of Infamy provided an unexpected edge to help the newcomer maintain his run.

Cameron Grimes Vs. Dexter Lumis

Grade: C

Cameron Grimes and Dexter Lumis’ psychological warfare continues in NXT’s first Blindfold match. Grimes began the match by attempting to find Lumis around the ring as the latter remained completely still. He would eventually confuse the official for Lumis and unleashed a heavy assault as the match ended in a no contest.

Dexter Lumis continued to have the upper hand on his adversary in this unorthodox and dangerous contest. While the Southern superstar spent the duration in a bout of confusion, Lumis remained firm and imposing as their rivalry continues.

Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae Vs. Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro

Grade: B

Kayden Carter began the match by locking Hartwell in a submission, later exchanging quick tags with her partner to unleash heavy moves. Catanzaro continued the assault on the introduced LeRae before she began to target the arm. Once Hartwell returned, she would use her strength to slow down Kacy’s offense.

Towards the conclusion, Candice LeRae hit the Wicked Stepsister to put away Carter and continue her crusade on the women’s division.

Kayden and Kacy continue to exhibit dynamic chemistry in their new endeavors, maintaining a fluid offense while frequently leaning on each other for added firepower. In the end, LeRae found a sudden opening and hit a big finish for her team.

Kushida Vs. Arturo Ruas

Grade: A

Ruas and Kushida commenced the match in a test of technical prowess, using takedowns and submissions to wear each other down. Kushida attempted to gain the upper hand with quick kicks only for Ruas to slow the pace once more with attacks to the arm. He would continue the assault with big moves as his opponent unsuccessfully attempted to change the pace.

Towards the conclusion, Kushida turned a powerbomb attempt into a pin combination to pick up the victory.

This match proved to be a technical showcase for the ages. While Arturo Ruas aimed to keep equal ground with his opponent with a ground-and-pound offense, Kushida would pick up a second wind to secure another victory in his tremendous tenure.

Ember Moon and Toni Storm Vs. Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez

Grade: A

Raquel Gonzalez commenced the match with turnbuckle hits, quickly allowing Dakota Kai to double the punishment. Despite some offense from Kai, Toni maintained focus and used basement dropkicks to keep control. Gonzalez eventually found her way back into the match and decimated Storm with slams while taking out her shoulder.

Towards the conclusion, Dakota Kai attempted to take advantage of a distraction by Gonzalez. Storm then quickly resurfaced to utilize a rollup pin and earn the victory.

Raquel Gonzalez was a force to be reckoned with in this match. She spent most of her time completely manhandling her opponents and leaving them little chance of recovery. Kai’s introduction proved to be the downfall of the team, with Toni stealing a quick pin in the chaos.

Timothy Thatcher Vs. August Grey

Grade: B

August Grey would gain the advantage early on with strikes. Timothy later slowed down the offense with an elbow, continuing to wail on his opponent with a vicious assault to the ribs. Grey attempted another burst of energy until Thatcher once again slowed down the pace with arm submissions while targeting the midsection.

In the climax of the contest, Grey would be hit with a sudden uppercut in a top rope attempt. Thatcher then utilized a chokehold to gain an easy submission win.

August Grey was a man on a mission in this match, quickly taking it to Thatcher with rapid punches and kicks. Thatcher would not be denied his dominance in the end as he would capitalize on one final mistake from his former student.

Rhea Ripley Vs. Io Shirai

Grade: A

Io Shirai puts the NXT Women’s Championship on the line against the vicious and unpredictable Rhea Ripley in the main event. Ripley and Shirai began the match by mocking each other, leading to the latter gaining the advantage after a strike on the outside. Rhea spent most of the match pacing around the ring, briefly losing control after the champion severely damaged her ear and arm with missile dropkicks.

Towards the conclusion, Io would unleash a powerbomb on Ripley at the announcer’s table. Once her opponent reentered the ring, she utilized one final moonsault to retain her championship.

In an incredible contest, Rhea Ripley’s emotions were on full display as she devastated the champion with several kicks and corner moves. The early half of the match proved to be a struggle for Shirai as she withstood substantial punishment. However, the Genius of the Sky would use her well-known high-flying maneuvers to decisively conclude the contest and keep her championship.

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November 17th NXT Results

  • Johnny Gargano defeated North American Champion Leon Ruff via disqualification
  • Cameron Grimes Vs. Dexter Lumis ended in a no contest
  • Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell defeated Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro via pinfall
  • Kushida defeated Arturo Ruas via pinfall
  • Toni Storm and Ember Moon defeated Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzales via pinfall
  • Timothy Thatcher defeated August Grey via submission
  • Io Shirai defeated Rhea Ripley to retain the NXT Women’s Championship via pinfall