WWE Survivor Series 2020: 5 things that must happen at the PPV

WWE, The Undertaker (Photo credit should read AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images)
WWE, The Undertaker (Photo credit should read AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images) /

WWE Survivor Series 2020 is all about pitting the best of the best against one another. Here are five things that absolutely must happen.

In the traditional sense of the big four, Survivor Series is WWE‘s last big show of the year. Compared to last year’s show, with a heavy NXT focus, the hype isn’t really there. The build to this show almost feels non-existent. There doesn’t feel like there’s real animosity between both brands as we’ve seen in the past two years. Despite that, there’s still a full card featuring champions versus champions, and two traditional elimination matches. If these five things happen at WWE Survivor Series 2020, it will be a win for the WWE Universe.

Lana comes up big

Lana has been a focal point for the majority of 2020. She’s endured a lousy marriage angle and is now the subject of going through a table weekly. One could argue she’s being punished for her husband jumping to the rival company. But perhaps there is a bigger plan here. Lana earned the right to be the final member of her Survivor Series team and has been the epitome of an underdog by nature of her booking. Everyone has written Lana off and her counterparts don’t take her seriously. It’s time for her to come up big and the Survivor Series match is the perfect turning point.

While we don’t know all participants of team SmackDown, we do know that the Raw team is pretty stacked. The Women’s tag champs (Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax) are big threats to the entire division. Expect Lana to be the reason team Raw achieves victory. In a perfect world, Lana becomes the sole survivor of Team Raw. This will give Lana all the respect she deserves as a competitor. Plus her WWE Chronicle episode will have added meaning.

Money in the Bank cash-in

The controversy surrounding the Money in the Bank was long and exhausting. 2020 may go down as one of the worst Money in the Bank years, solely based on how the contracts were mishandled. Which is a travesty because the actual ladder match was entertaining. The Miz now owns the briefcase after using legal gymnastics to take it from Otis. Perhaps there was never a real plan for Otis, but here we are and it’s time to get this over with. The Miz needs to cash in during the match between Roman Reigns and Drew Mcintyre.

The Miz has more than earned the right to be in the main event picture. He has always been a reliable player for the WWE. It would make no sense for the cash-in to happen to Roman, however, given the current run as tribal chief. That leaves Drew McIntyre as the victim of the contract, which will be revenge for McIntyre ruining a second career cash-in on Orton. Even if the cash-in is unsuccessful on Sunday, it’s time to be rid of the briefcase altogether heading into the new year.

Sasha defeats Asuka

It’s officially “Boss Time” on SmackDown. Now that the new SmackDown women’s champ has seemingly put Bayley in her rearview, it’s time for new challenges. Enter Asuka, who is no stranger to Banks this year from her time as Raw women’s champ. Sasha Banks’s title reigns are notoriously short. While she’s early into her first SmackDown reign, Survivor Series offers a chance for a statement victory. Asuka defeated Banks in their last two outings, including taking back the Raw women’s title from the Boss back at SummerSlam.

Even the victory Sasha has over Asuka is tainted. Due to a count-out victory, where Asuka left to save Kairi Sane from a Bayley attack. Banks would lose the title defense. It’s long overdue time to change the narrative. These are two of the best performers in the company and the matches always deliver. Survivor Series should be the time where Banks earns a hard-fought, clean victory over Asuka and puts the SmackDown women’s division on notice.

Big E is the Sole Survivor

Where has Big E been? After the shocking New Day split, E was noticeably absent for two weeks on SmackDown. Since he’s been seen in backstage segments with the Street Profits as they prepare to face his New Day brothers at Survivor Series. The above tweet is fitting, indeed a sucker is born every day. The WWE Universe was made into a sucker for believing there were actual plans for a legit single’s push for Big E. Survivor Series can help change that. Instead of having E cheerlead for his new day teammates, have him be the final member of Team SmackDown.

It would be even more fitting if E were the leader of Team SmackDown and the voice to rally the troops against Raw. But let’s not stop there, E has to make an impact in the Survivor Series match. Team Raw has been imploding within the past few weeks. As for Team SmackDown, Kevin Owens and Jey Uso have issues, and Seth Rollins and King Corbin are universally disliked. There’s not just a pathway for E to be the glue of the team, but the sole survivor. Similar to Lana on Raw, this could jump-start the singles run for E. The claim of being the sole survivor for the brand in victory could lead to a reward for a championship match down the road. Make it happen WWE.

Set up the final Undertaker feud

Survivor Series will be the final farewell of the Undertaker. A celebration of the dead man’s 30-year career, debuting at Survivor Series on the exact date in 1990. November 22nd is being billed as a nostalgia act and goodbye to Taker, but there’s no way Undertaker doesn’t have one last match in him. The WWE has always had a never say never attitude. If you can safely have fans at WrestleMania 37, it’s a guarantee you have one the greatest to do it exit with an audience.

The success of the boneyard match with AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36 allows this to happen. Cinematic matches have been popular all year, with WWE using them as a substitute for empty arenas. Another cinematic match for Taker is an option but if healthy enough a final in-ring appearance is not out of the realm of possibility. There are only two names that make sense for an Undertaker final showdown.

Sting versus Undertaker is the match that has always escaped wrestling fans. When Sting finally joined the WWE, many envisioned it would finally happen. An unfortunate injury to Sting robbed the eluded dream match. But now the use of cinematic matches has breathed new life in this feud. A final farewell to both generational superstars in a boneyard match could close both chapters perfectly. The only hurdle in the way is Sting not currently being in contract with WWE. There are always workings behind the scenes, but the dream match could forever be a mirage.

As for the second name, look no further than the Fiend Bray Wyatt. It’s traditional for legends to go out on their backs and put over the next generation. Wyatt accomplished this by going over John Cena in the Firefly FunHouse match. As you know the Fiend never forgets, he could look to avenge a loss to the deadman back at WrestleMania 31. A match where Taker got back into the win column after suffering his first WrestleMania defeat to Brock Lesnar.

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The story rights itself, while Undertaker is reflecting on a legendary career amongst superstars past, present, and future, the Fiend will appear. Inciting the Undertaker to “let him in” for unfinished business. Wyatt could carry the promo work for months until we actually get to WrestleMania season. The tease of the match on Sunday is enough to get fans salivating. If you’re a betting person, bet on the Fiend calling out the dead man.