WWE: Murphy might be getting back something he was missing

WWE, Murphy (photo courtesy of WWE)
WWE, Murphy (photo courtesy of WWE) /

Murphy earned more than the trust of the Mysterio Family on WWE SmackDown

WWE SmackDown superstar Murphy attacked the Messiah on the show last week to gain the trust of the Mysterio family, and he also regained his first name.

At least, that’s what it seems like based on his Twitter. He is now “Buddy Murphy” on his social media page.

“Buddy” made waves when he debuted on the blue brand and put on a great match between the ropes before getting involved in a storyline with The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. His shift to Raw made him align with The Messiah, and the two have been a part of some great stories since then. It is undeniable that Buddy has in-ring presence and in an attempt to keep the storyline going the former Universal Champion will go up against his former disciple in a No Holds Barred Grudge Match this week on Friday Night SmackDown.

The result of the match may not be hard to guess as there have been rumours that the former Shield member will be taking time off Survivor Series. In such a scenario Murphy would get a win over Seth Rollins, and it sets the tone for a match between the two down the line. Rollins will be taking time off to spend time with Becky Lynch as the couple is on the road to parenthood in December.

It will be great to see if Becky Lynch returns too as there were rumours that the former Raw Women’s Champion would be back during WrestleMania. If this happens, then the on-going Mysterio family story will become even more interesting, and we will witness how Murphy’s Law will impact the romance storyline with Aliyah, and who will be the ‘Buddy’ revere when the storyline is over.

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This name change may be the first step in the right direction for Murphy as we would see the former 205 Live superstar get a rise in his star power in the weeks to come, and we may see him in a match at WrestleMania.