WWE: Why Sasha Banks must beat Asuka at Survivor Series

Sasha Banks, WWE Credit: WWE.com
Sasha Banks, WWE Credit: WWE.com /

This Sunday at WWE Survivor Series, the SmackDown Women’s Champion will face RAW Women’s Champion

In the “Battle for Brand Supremacy” (or bragging rights or whatever buzzwords WWE is using these days), Sasha Banks will once again face off against Asuka. This time, Sasha is the SmackDown Women’s Champion.

The champions faced each other numerous times over the summer in both single and tag team competition.

WWE has done a crappy job about promoting this match. Perhaps it’s because these two women have faced each other many times (not as many times as Orton and McIntyre). Most likely, it’s because WWE doesn’t really give a damn and are just filling out the card.

During Friday’s episode of SmackDown, Asuka and Sasha tried to promote their match when Carmella attacked Sasha from behind for the third consecutive week.

Regardless of how poorly WWE has built this match, Sasha and Asuka will likely have one of the best matches on the card.

Sasha vs. Asuka in the No Fans Era

At Extreme Rules, then RAW Women’s Champion Asuka wrestled Sasha to a no contest. The following night on RAW, Sasha defeated Asuka to become the new RAW Women’s Champion.

At SummerSlam, Sasha faced Asuka for the RAW Women’s Championship. Sasha was both the RAW Women’s Champion and one-half of the SmackDown’s Tag Team Champions. Asuka put “The Legit Boss” in the Asuka Lock to win the RAW Women’s Championship.

In August, they faced off once again. This time, it was a Lumberjack match. Sasha picked the stipulation, but it backfired. Asuka won by submission.

Sasha won the SmackDown Championship in a brutal match at Hell in a Cell. Her only title defense thus far was on SmackDown in a rematch against Bayley. Asuka has had successful title defenses against women like Mickie James, Bayley, Zelina Vega and Lana.

Sasha needs to dominate for SmackDown

Sasha hasn’t held the SmackDown Women’s Championship for very long. She needs a win over a dominant champion like Asuka. Asuka is one of WWE’s best wrestlers and it won’t be easy for “The Legit Boss” to get the win. Asuka will make her work for the win. The two know each other well from their previous bouts.

Following three “surprise” –it’s not really a surprise at this point–attacks at the hands of Carmella, Sasha doesn’t look nearly as dominant as she should. Then again, Carmella has yet to face her one-on-one and can only hurt Sasha when she’s not ready. Carmella is acting as the cowardly heel instead of a serious threat.

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As a fresh champion, Sasha has something to prove. With her only title defense coming against Bayley, she needs to beat the best. As stated before, Asuka is one of the best on the roster. She’s also representing both the entire SmackDown women’s division along with the brand.

SmackDown is clearly the better brand and will hopefully go for a clean sweep (two years ago, RAW had a clean sweep). The Women’s Champion should have a dominant win, especially since WWE has knocked her down a peg or two by making her susceptible to Carmella.

Sasha is the boss. Winning at Survivor Series is a good reminder for Carmella and the WWE Universe.