WWE Survivor Series: Protecting Big E is the right call

WWE, Big E (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)
WWE, Big E (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images) /

Many wanted to see Big E involved in the Survivor Series elimination match, but keeping him out of the contest is the right call at this time.

Survivor Series is this weekend and the excitement level heading into the PPV seems to diminish each day. The Brand vs Brand matches do not have any viable stakes behind them, and the members of both teams are booked in a fashion that kills their momentum heading into the card. Fans wanted Big E to be involved with the SmackDown team, which was the original plan according to FightFul Select. The change was made to include Otis instead. Looking at the current trajectory of that match, fans of the New Day member should be pleased that Big E is not in the elimination tag team match because it protects him from the shotty booking that has become standard across WWE.

Both the Monday Night Raw and SmackDown men’s Survivor Series teams have been booked in comical fashions. Heading into the PPV on Sunday, all the parties involved are coming off losses in one way or another. Being involved in this match is supposed to be a major moment in a career, but that certainly is not the case in 2020. Survivor Series feels like a mediocre, directionless PPV and the booking leading into the show is not helping anyone involved.

Therefore, Big E not being involved at this time is for the best. He is currently receiving a perceived “push” of sorts. He has not been on the losing side of a match, tag, or singles, since back in July. Unfortunately, he has not been wrestling frequently, instead being featured in backstage segments only. While it would be best to see him out winning matches week after week, at least he is still getting time on television. Is Big E being used in the best fashion right now, no – but the situation could always be much worse and there are a variety of examples to prove that point.

There is one spot on the show where he could have an important impact, the dual-brand battle royale. The participants have yet to be announced for the preshow affair. Having Big E win the match is an opportunity to get him some shine on the show, but just like everything else on the card it would be a meaningless win. Unless it was used to move him into an important feud on the next edition of SmackDown. But as it has been said many times in recent months, can the WWE be trusted to create consistent booking? The answer seems to be no.

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Big E is on the short list of men who could be a real threat to Roman Reigns on SmackDown. How are the going to get there? That question is yet to be answered. But keeping Big E off the SmackDown elimination tag team for Survivor Series is the right move for several reasons. Especially in the poorly booked year that is 2020.