WWE Raw Results, Grades, and Review for November 23, 2020

WWE, AJ Styles (Photo by Che Rosales/Getty Images)
WWE, AJ Styles (Photo by Che Rosales/Getty Images) /

The full results and grades from the post-Survivor Series 2020 episode of WWE Raw.

After WWE Raw “won” at Survivor Series (nobody actually wins a damn thing), including sweeping the men’s five-on-five match, we had an eventful show on Monday night, including news on who could be Drew McInfart (excuse me, McIntyre’s) next challenger.

Opening segment with the WWE Raw Men’s Survivor Series Team

Grade: F, Some of the worst promos we’ve heard this year as the first thing after Survivor Series. Riddle’s mic work was particularly horrible. Why is he even mentioned in the title picture?

Adam Pearce is the GM. That’s it. It’s official. He was out to start the show, recapped the events of Survivor Series, gave his congrats to Drew McIntyre, and then gave everyone on the winning Men’s team a chance to state their case to face the WWE Champion. And by the end of it, he even got accosted by Braun Strowman just like he did Randy Orton. Just GM things.

This segment was terrible. Skip it. There were juvenile insults and more of Riddle’s woeful nicknames. Every time this guy talks, I want to turn off the TV. I have no idea how WWE can afford to give mic time to someone who is so untalented.

The Hurt Business vs. The New Day

Grade: A, Another great match between these two teams. It’s well worth your time watching.

Although the New Day defeated the Hurt Business last week, they were able to get themselves another shot at the Raw Tag Team Titles after Cedric Alexander got in Xavier Woods’ face.

The match had to be restarted, since we had a count-out situation, though there was confusion if it was a double count-out or a Hurt Business count-out victory. The Hurt Business really deserved to lose their shot at the titles, since they caused the count-out when Alexander illegally threw Kingston off the top rope.

MVP urged the restart, which the New Day, of course as the babyfaces, obliged even though they would have been within their rights to walk away due to Alexander’s actions.

After the restart, Kofi Kingston suffered a left knee tweak, which the Hurt Business worked to capitalize on. The limb targeting from Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander was expertly done, which is what we’ve come to expect from Benjamin, but it was awesome seeing Alexander show off his technique. He is so, so good.

You know who else is really damn good? Xavier Woods. He had another sensational hot tag, and he ended up winning the match via a sunset flip on Benjamin.

It was a surprise to see the New Day retain the titles after all that happened in this match and after the Hurt Business had already lost before, but let’s see where this takes us.

Sheamus vs. Riddle

Result: Riddle wins via roll-up

Grade: C+, A solid enough match that got plenty of time and was stiff. But it got too much time. 

Adam Pearce announced three singles matches with the winners facing off in a Triple Threat match next week on WWE Raw. And then winner of that Triple Threat match will get a title opportunity against Drew McIntyre.

At first, this was a quality match with a lot of stiff strikes and intriguing action. But it went on too long. The longer the match got, the more the quality dipped, including some sloppiness from Riddle.

The Firefly Funhouse

RIP Friendship Frog. We hardly knew you.

Your reminder that these segments have gotten so much better with Alexa Bliss.

Asuka (c) vs. Lana for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship

Result: Asuka wins by DQ due to Nia Jax

Grade: N/A

Although Lana told Asuka that she wasn’t looking for a title opportunity against one of the best in the world, an excited Asuka told her that she was looking forward to the challenge.

There was no challenge. Because right when the match started, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler were there to show up on commentary. They were far from passive observers, of course. Nia goaded Asuka into pouring water all over her, and then Nia caused the DQ.

So there went Lana’s opportunity.

We ended up seeing a brawl, with Lana helping Asuka out.

New tag team? They even got a challenge to a tag team match from Nia and Shayna!

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler vs. Asuka and Lana

Result: Asuka pins Shayna Baszler

Grade: B-, A fun match with a happy ending. This match was a nice change-of-pace, and it could be leading to a tag title match. Except, will it? Asuka and Lana going after the tag titles? Could Lana find a different partner while Asuka focuses on her own title defense? Lots of questions!

This match was a lot of fun. Lana and Asuka were quite the interesting team, and they may have just earned themselves a Women’s Tag Title match win this win.

The critical moments came at the end of the match. Lana was getting bullied again by Nia on the outside, and another table spot was looming. But Lana fought back and ended up sidestepping Nia, who went FLYING over the announce desk.

Shayna tried to get vengeance with the Kirifuda Clutch, but Asuka was the legal wrestler in the match. And Asuka picked up the win. So there’s something here.

Keith Lee vs. Bobby Lashley

Result: Keith Lee wins by DQ after MVP’s involvement

Grade: B, This match was a quality qualifying match, and while Lee qualifying via DQ feels weird, the story actually makes sense.

This match was by far the most anticipated of the three qualifying matches, and the in-ring action did not disappoint. Bobby Lashley and Keith Lee were both tremendous, trading power moves and counters. I loved the story of Lashley being shocked at having to face someone who is as strong as him, and Lee’s strength was really put over when he fought out of the Hurt Lock despite MVP cheating to send him head-first into the ring post.

Lee won the match via DQ when MVP stepped in, throwing punches at him. I actually liked that despite it being a DQ finish that “ruined” the match, and here’s why. It puts over Lee HUGE. MVP was so scared of Lee beating up Lashley and winning that he would have rather stepped in on behalf of his client to save him from a possible pinfall loss.

Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki Cross

Result: Alexa Bliss wins

Grade: A, Absolutely brilliant character work from Alexa Bliss. Sheer genius acting performance from her, and she has really been Raw’s MVP lately. But this isn’t over.

There’s a lot to unpack here. Nikki Cross was dominating the match so much that it looked like it would be a squash, because Alexa Bliss was not even trying. Like, at all. She was just laughing as Nikki let in the punishment, barely taking the match seriously. It was like watching those Bray Wyatt matches when he wrestles in a red sweater. She was wrestling in her Firefly Funhouse attire, too.

But it was all a ruse. Bliss set a trap on her former best friend, pretending to cry and beg and say that she didn’t know what she was doing. Selling the brainwashing.

Cross fell for it. She stopped fighting and went over to hug Bliss, who got up from the mat. And as she did, Bliss hit the Sister Abigail.

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Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles

Result: AJ Styles wins with the Phenomenal Forearm

Grade: A-,

Most of the action in this match was around the Calf Crusher, with AJ Styles working that left knee of Randy Orton. But the real storyw as the Fiend. He is out of revenge on Orton and cost Orton a chance to enter next week’s qualifying match by interfering, leading to Styles’ win. Styles makes a lot of sense as Drew McIntyre’s challenger at TLC, but Orton vs. Fiend might be the bigger story.