WWE Survivor Series featured diversity of WWE roster

WWE, Street Profits Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Street Profits Credit: WWE.com /

Up and down the Survivor Series card were men and women of color, featuring the diversity that is flowing through this roster.

WWE Survivor Series came and went. The battles for “Brand Supremacy” do not carry a lot of stakes in any fashion, but this year’s event featured something else, almost unknowingly. This show featured something that is not a strong suit for the WWE at times, and that is diversity. Look back at many of the matches and there were people of color across this card and in prominent positions. That was something pointed out by many fans viewing and should be celebrated.

Many of the biggest moments on Sunday’s PPV featured names that fans have continued to push for main event opportunities. The New Day and Street Profits put on one of the best tag team matches wrestling has seen this year. Bianca Belair was booked strongly during the women’s elimination tag team match. Bobby Lashley and the Hurt Business stood tall. Keith Lee picked up the deciding elimination in the men’s elimination match. Then there’s Sasha Banks and Asuka doing what they do best in their one-on-one match. And the show ended with Roman Reigns standing tall.

This may not seem like a lot to the average demographic that is talked about in professional wrestling, but it means something for those viewers that love wrestling and do not get to see people that look like them presented in such a fashion. To watch a Pay-Per-View from start to finish and seeing so many people of color standing with their hands raised deserves to be recognized. WWE is often, and rightfully, criticized for the way that people of color are used across all brands, and often that lack of utilization. Sunday’s PPV was a breath of fresh air that was recognized as wrestling fans openly praised what was happening across social media.

Those same fans can continue to hope that this transitions to the weekly shows. Survivor Series holds a peculiar place in WWE continuity where storylines are halted to lead into the “Brand Supremacy” gimmick. Now that the show has past, one must wonder how or if some of these individuals will be elevated. Will the Hurt Business remain in the mid card? Does Belair have a run in her that could lead to a Royal Rumble victory? Will Keith Lee and Big E really get the main event pushes that have been talked about for months?

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All of those are questions that viewers will want to see answered. While WWE Creative has frequently answered those questions with a resounding “no,” there was something to cheer for coming out of Survivor Series as this event was adorned with more men and women from marginalized groups in the shining spotlight.