Impact Wrestling: 5 Signings That Would Shake Things Up

WWE, Zelina Vega (photo courtesy of WWE)
WWE, Zelina Vega (photo courtesy of WWE) /
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With The Rascalz out of Impact Wrestling, a huge void needs filling on the roster. We may have a few replacements in mind

Impact Wrestling is approaching the twenty-year mark of being in existence. Over the years, Impact had given a break to young stars and disgruntled veterans to show what they could do when nobody else was willing to give them a chance. Most recently having former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann become the Impact World Champion.

Swann defeated Eric Young, who was recently released by the WWE as part of the mass amount of releases this past April. After all of these years, Impact continues to be the home of some of the business’s best wrestlers. In a year that has completely turned the wrestling world upside down, Impact has been thriving.

It was devastating news for fans of Impact Wrestling when the news of The Rascalz departure was announced. They were three of the most exciting stars in the company in recent years. Many new fans looked into the company to see what these guys were all about. Now with them sadly leaving the company, Impact Wrestling will be looking for some fresh new faces to bring in and shake things up.

The Authors of Pain

Oh, my God! The Writers of Agony are in the Impact Zone! Okay, okay, I’m sorry, but some things are always comical. The team of Akam and Rezar, known as The Authors of Pain, were surprisingly released from their contracts in September. It comes as a surprise as these two were starting to shine along with Seth Rollins before an untimely injury put Rezar and Akam effectively out of action.

The team wasn’t able to return to television before they were suddenly out of the picture. Since their releases, the two have been quiet, almost too quiet. However, their 90-day non-compete clause should be coming up, and the two will be free to start causing trouble. With one major team recently leaving Impact Wrestling, this could be a major replacement.

The tag team division in Impact Wrestling could use these two monsters to go to war with The Good Brothers over the tag team championships. If Impact can get their hands on this team, I expect great things from them both in Impact Wrestling.

Brian Pillman Jr

Brian Pillman Jr is still new to wrestling, with just three years under his belt, starting back in 2017 training with Lance Storm. At the young age of 27, Pillman Jr still has a long career ahead of him, and it could lead him to championships and places that his father never was able to reach. Pillman Jr has a right look to be a star and just needs to find a place to prove himself.

That place may just be Impact Wrestling, where many young stars have made a name for themselves. He is currently still under contract with Major League Wrestling. He could potentially be a major player there apart of the restart, despite coming up short against Myron Reed for the MLW Middleweight Championship.

However, Brian Pillman Jr is a name that is easy to remember. The second-generation superstar is just getting started and could be a huge potential pick-up for any company. Although the most beneficial for him could be Impact Wrestling.