WWE NXT TakeOver WarGames: 3 Possible Matches for Finn Bálor

WWE NXT Title Credit: WWE.com
WWE NXT Title Credit: WWE.com /

Are you ready for William Regal’s favorite time of the year? No, no, it’s not Thanksgiving. You should know it’s time for WWE NXT TakeOver WarGames!

This past Wednesday on WWE NXT TakeOver WarGames was officially announced for December 6th, 2020. We are expecting to see two blockbuster WarGames matches. Team Shotzi Blackheart will face Team Candice LeRae while The Undisputed Era will collide against Pat McAfee and his “Kings of NXT.” The card is already looking to be stacked for this year’s War Games.

However, this leaves the question, who will NXT Champion Finn Bálor face on December 6th? It can be predicted that Finn Balor may take part in the Undisputed Era versus Kings of NXT WarGames match due to his involvement with the angle on NXT.

However, if Finn isn’t in the WarGames match, who makes sense to be next in line for an NXT Championship match?

There are many members of the NXT roster that could step up and face the champion. Most recently, Kyle O’Reilly proved himself as a worthy contender and became one of Finn Balor’s toughest challengers to date. Finn and Kyle tore each other apart in the match, but Finn showed why he is the “prince” of NXT.

Retaining his championship with a broken jaw, whoever steps up better be ready for a war and not a game at WarGames.When determining a top contender, it may be time for a few new challengers to step up and get their first opportunity. However, there are still some hungry former champions lurking who never lost the championship in the first place.

3. Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher

Yes, I’m cheating a little here. During their altercation this past Wednesday, Timothy Thatcher was very vocal that he had no problem with Tommaso Ciampa. Although, that doesn’t mean that Ciampa doesn’t have a problem with Thatcher. As we grow closer to WarGames, perhaps we see these two men start having an issue with each other over a common goal in mind?

There is no questioning that Tommaso Ciampa would love nothing more than to get “Goldie” back. Which, there is no questioning that Timothy Thatcher would also love to get his hands on the NXT Championship. The tension between these two men was on display on Wednesday promising more interactions between these two in the near future.

I could see Ciampa and Thatcher both becoming the number one contenders for Finn Balor. Perhaps a double win or a double elimination in a battle royal, I can see this feud being included in the NXT Championship picture. However, if Thatcher and Ciampa are too concerned in their own battle, Finn Balor will retain his crown.

2. Karrion Kross

It was a devasting loss when Karrion Kross was injured and forced to vacate the NXT Championship earlier this year, only days after winning it. Kross and his girlfriend, Scarlett Bordeaux arrived in NXT this past may and wasted no time taking over. In only three months’ time, Kross dominated his way to becoming the NXT Champion.

Unfortunately, Kross separated his shoulder during his match with Keith Lee. All momentum was paused but not halted. Now, a few months later, Kross has teased that he could return any time. If Kross is cleared before WarGames, the time may be running out for Finn Balor’s NXT Championship reign.

Karrion Kross will be more determined than ever on his arrival. He only had a taste of the gold before it was taken away from him. Only being able to think about winning back the gold for months, Kross is going to be more than ready to finally be able to do something about it. With Scarlett by his side, this is a man Finn may need to use his “inner demon” to defeat.

1. Kushida

Possibly the most surprising choice as number one contender, Kushida may also be the most deserving. Since signing with WWE NXT in April of last year, Kushida has been killing it as a part of the NXT roster. He has one of the most unique styles in the ring and has shown that he can carry his weight in the ring with NXT’s big boys.

At NXT TakeOver 31, Kushida picked up his biggest victory to date by defeating the Velveteen Dream. He followed that victory with another over Dream and Ciampa in a triple threat match a few weeks later. He has been on fire for months and I believe that it is time that he gets something for it.

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With all due respect to other names listed, Kushida is the most deserving to get his shot. Others have had an opportunity, not Kushida. If Finn Balor wants to defend against NXT’s very best, then look no further. Kushida will bring the fight to the NXT Champion and give him a run for his money. These two would absolutely steal the show and I am all for it happening!