WWE NXT: Results, Grades, and Analysis for November 25th, 2020

WWE, Kushida (Photo by New Japan Pro-Wrestling/Getty Images)
WWE, Kushida (Photo by New Japan Pro-Wrestling/Getty Images) /

A shocking heel turn took place on this week’s WWE NXT.

On the November 25th edition of WWE NXT, rivals find new allies and new challenges while others make major statements en route to War Games. Kushida goes head-to-head against newfound rival Timothy Thatcher, while Pete Dunne takes on the Undisputed Era’s Kyle O’Reilly in an excruciating ladder match.

Ember Moon Vs. Candice LeRae

Grade: B

The heinous feud between Ember Moon and Candice LeRae continues in a grudge match. LeRae began the match by avoiding Moon throughout the ring, later enduring a slam on the table. She would gain the upper hand by targeting the shoulder, withstanding near falls, and leaning on the assistance of Indi Hartwell.

Towards the conclusion, Hartwell entered the ring to receive the Eclipse in place of the fallen LeRae. Candice would then unleash the Wicked Stepsister to gain the pinfall.

Candice LeRae looked to gain a psychological advantage in any way possible. Whether it was exploiting the previous injuries of Moon or bringing out Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzales, she was on a mission to decimate. With the introduction of a new ally in the recently turned Toni Storm, it seems as if she will rule the women’s division with an iron fist.

Timothy Thatcher Vs. Kushida

Grade: A

Mat specialists go head to head as Timothy Thatcher faces Kushida. The opponents began the contest in a show of wills, locking each other in various holds. Despite Kushida’s attempts to speed up the pace, Thatcher continued to work on the limbs and utilize suplexes for the back.

In the climax, Kushida utilized the Hoverboard Lock to gain a shockingly swift submission victory.

This was a stellar technical showcase. Thatcher laid on the punishment with constricting submissions while Kushida constantly kept the match on equal ground with his own series of fast and effective maneuvers. With a humiliating defeat in the books, has Thatcher finally been humbled?

Cameron Grimes Vs. Jake Atlas

Grade: B

Grimes commenced the match by targeting the arm, later losing the advantage to Jake Atlas as he implemented arm drags. Grimes would regain composure and utilized kicks and corner attacks. Atlas refused to be denied by using his own series of knee strikes to constantly keep his opponent grounded.

Towards the conclusion, Grimes hit the Cave-In to put away his threatening adversary.

This brief contest saw Jake Atlas on a pure adrenaline rush. He would constantly disorient his opponent with fast and fluid moves throughout the duration. In the end, a late burst of energy allowed the arrogant yet terrified superstar to gain some momentary confidence as Dexter Lumis once again lurked in the shadows.

Pete Dunne Vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Grade: A

Kyle rapidly slugged at Dunne to commence the match, forcing a retreat. Once the foreign weapons were introduced, Pete’s brief bout of offense would be hindered by a hit from the plexiglass. He would finally find his footing with the use of ladders, targeting the arm of O’Reilly until the latter found a way to exploit the Bruiseweight’s knee.

Towards the conclusion, Kyle O’Reilly was attacked by an unknown assailant just as he was about to capture the briefcase. Pete would then take the opportunity to take it for himself and steal the ultimate advantage for War Games.

Pete Dunne’s dominance was on full display in the early moments, using stiff strikes, submissions, and a devastating superplex on the ladder. O’Reilly proved to be a soldier throughout the match in spite of numerous injuries sustained during the contest. Alas, an unexpected factor once again made its presence known to turn the tide in the villains’ favor.

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November 25th NXT Results

  • Candice LeRae defeated Ember Moon via pinfall
  • Kushida defeated Timothy Thatcher via submission
  • Cameron Grimes defeated Jake Atlas via pinfall
  • Pete Dunne defeated Kyle O’Reilly by capturing the briefcase