AEW: Britt Baker vs Thunder Rosa is the feud to make

Britt Baker, injured, makes her entrance in a wheelchair (photo courtesy of AEW)
Britt Baker, injured, makes her entrance in a wheelchair (photo courtesy of AEW) /

Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa is the feud that will inject life into the AEW women’s division and set it up for success in 2021.

On a recent episode of AEW Dynamite we were treated to a match that saw current NWA Women’s Champion, Serena Deeb, defend her title against the woman she won it from, Thunder Rosa.  Ultimately Deeb would retain her title, partly due to interference during the match from Britt Baker.   This led to an intense brawl outside the ring in which the two had to be separated.  A feud between Baker and Rosa has the potential to be the best program that AEW’s women’s division has had in its short history and now is the time to make it happen.

Nothing Keeps The Doctor Down

When Britt Baker was hurt during a match on Dynamite roughly 6 months ago it was a massive hit to the women’s division.   The commonality with wrestling injuries is that we normally do not see that competitor again until they are fully healed.  No one would have said a word if that is what Britt Baker had chosen to do as well.

However, Baker kept herself relevant week after week on Dynamite.   She did this by shaming Tony Schiavone,  cutting promos, and even finding a way to aggravate some of the promotion’s babyfaces all while being confined to a wheelchair.  The argument can even be made that Baker improved her stock while being injured and morphed herself into the company’s top female heel.  Now that Baker is back she needs a high-profile babyface that she can go over.  That person is Thunder Rosa.

Since Thunder Rosa’s arrival at AEW, she has shown the ability to have great matches with the best the promotion has to offer.   She is a strong worker and would be a great dance partner for Baker as she attempts to build up her stamina and get her legs back under her.   Rosa is also a fan favorite which will lend itself to Baker being able to create even more heat with shady antics in and out of the ring.  But more importantly, Rosa is a former NWA Women’s Champion and has taken Shida to the limit.  If Baker wants her shot at being the face of the women’s division the path goes firmly through Thunder Rosa.

The End Game

With the next pay-per-view not happening until Revolution on February 27th, 2021 it gives AEW 3 months to add further layers to Britt Baker’s character as well as knock off any ring rust.  We have seen her excel on the mic and in vignettes but it is imperative that we see her excel inside the ring as well.  While AEW has been lauded for many things over the past year-plus, the one area that has drawn marked criticism is its women’s division.   Starting 2021 off the right way is paramount to turning that around.

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Having Baker battle Thunder Rosa over the next month and then turning her attention to Shida just in time for Revolution would be two excellent programs in a row for the most captivating member of the AEW women’s division.  Shida and Rosa have competed against each other and teamed up together in the past.  They have built mutual respect.  So Shida saving Rosa from an attack by Baker would provide a natural segue way into Baker challenging Shida for the AEW Women’s Title at Revolution.   By going over the promotion’s two top babyfaces in succession and ultimately winning the title,  Britt Baker, the original face of the AEW women’s division will finally take her place at the top of the mountain.  But the first step up that mountain is Thunder Rosa.