AEW: Miro Should Crush Orange Cassidy

AEW, Miro (Photo by Lukas Schulze/Bongarts/Getty Images)
AEW, Miro (Photo by Lukas Schulze/Bongarts/Getty Images) /

Miro’s first AEW feud is set against Orange Cassidy and the man formerly known as Rusev should do what he does best, crush!

Most wrestlers get themselves over with over-the-top personalities, gripping promo skills, and highly athletic and intense in-ring ability. Yet, that’s not always the case as we see in AEW as a wrestler is intensely over with the All Elite faithful despite having a lackadaisical gimmick, and approach to his work.

Orange Cassidy has amassed wins against former multi-time world champion Chris Jericho and although unsuccessful, he has also been in competition for the TNT title. He remains one of the leading attractions on the AEW roster and seemingly destined for a run with gold at some point. For now, his ties with Trent Berretta and Chuck Taylor, the Best Friends, turned his attentions to Miro and Kip Sabian, after Trent destroyed an arcade machine wedding gift for Kip.

Miro came into AEW with a fanbase originating from his prior run in WWE. He debuted as Kip Sabian’s best man for his upcoming wedding with Penelope Ford. The gimmick Miro has been strapped with was not quite what fans expected the Bulgarian beast, but so far it hasn’t all been too terrible.

All the same, with the major criticism aimed at WWE management regarding Miro being that they never pushed him as the monstrous talent he deserved to be, albeit winning 3 WWE US Championships. Tony Khan and co. will almost certainly make sure that he will be treated the right way and booked strongly, as we have seen with his singles debut, beating Trent in convincing fashion.

Whilst the story begun with Kip Sabian feuding with the Best Friends, the major focus of this feud is an inevitable future clash between Cassidy and Miro, the two bigger names in this story. Now with the question being who should win and what booking direction should this feud take, I believe that Miro should, in the words of his wife, crush Orange Cassidy.

The reason for this is the two personas we are seeing clash in the ring, on one side we have a wrestler popular for his approach being void of enthusiasm, and on the other side, we have a wrestler who should be booked as a strapping, athletic beast, which he is. We have also found ourselves at a point where Cassidy will not be hurt by such a defeat, and yet a loss to Miro would completely destroy his current momentum and if we’re being honest, will see AEW making the same mistakes WWE have made previously.

It all goes back to the Paul Heyman’s booking philosophy of believability, if we don’t believe that Orange Cassidy could defeat Miro in a fight, then why should he? It is entirely believable that once Miro gets his hands on him in the middle of the ring he can throw him about and squash the guy. It’s about building Miro as a believable beast, and portraying Cassidy, as talented as he is, as a man completely out of his depth.

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Miro should be cemented as a believable future contender for titles and this feud with Orange Cassidy, and eventual squashing, will help build his legitimacy.