WWE: Friendship Frog might not be gone for good

WWE, Bray Wyatt via WWE.com
WWE, Bray Wyatt via WWE.com /

The Friendship Frog suffered a grizzly end in his WWE debut on the Firefly Funhouse. Or did he?

WWE filed for a trademark to Friendship Frog who appeared on the 25th November episode of Firefly Funhouse before Alexa Bliss hit him in the head. The company has decided to file for a trademark to the character, as per WrestlingNews.Co’s Andrew Ravens.

The wrestling juggernaut has previously filed trademark requests for every character in the company. We have also seen it release its hold on various names like Cody Rhodes and Dean Ambrose.

The listing under Entertainment Services allows the company to use the character for its online as well as offline performances. It also allows the company to use the character for its digital streaming and other apparel that are listed by the company on WWE Shop. The company has listed the character under two categories, and we would have to see how the character plays off on television. It is because we have seen the Rambling Rabbit also go through a similar situation on television, but it would re-emerge to take part in various Firefly Funhouse segments.

WWE always trademarks its products and services beforehand to avoid any hassles in the future. We have to see if the frog is registered, keeping character and business in mind. The segment also featured a reference to Randy Orton and his actions before WrestleMania when he burned down Bray Wyatt’s house, and that is an indication to the fact that The Fiend is ready to get his revenge on The Viper.

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We would have to see how this character will prove its value in the fight against Randy Orton. We have seen his characters play a pivotal role in any storyline, whether it involves The Miz or Seth Rollins. It would be amazing to see if the newly trademarked character has a role in the commencement and culmination of the storyline with The Legend Killer.