NXT TakeOver WarGames 2020: Five things that must happen

Pat McAfee, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE)
Pat McAfee, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE) /
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WWE NXT, Candice LeRae
WWE NXT, Candice LeRae (Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for WWE) /

Candice LeRae must stand tall in War Games

Candice LeRae continues to be one of the best wrestlers on the WWE roster. There are very few individuals who are more consistent with both their character and the bell-to-bell abilities they display during matches. However, LeRae seems to always be in the second position when it comes to being the top draw for the women’s roster in NXT. It is time to change that and give her that final push that lands the NXT women’s title around her waist, starting with a strong win for her team on Sunday.

LeRae’s performance in the last War Games match stands as an example that she is going to put it all on the line on Sunday. She and Io Shirai have had some of the best matches in wrestling in the last few months, but LeRae has not earned that vital victory to bring the belt home. It is hard to establish her as a top contender with those two losses in recent memory, but that needs to be corrected to get the title around her waist.

In the last War Games match, the two babyface teams pulled out the victories. 2020 could be very different in which the women’s team that LeRae has put together should win. To solidify the victory, it should be Candice herself that picks up the pinfall, either pinning Ripley or Moon – two former champions of the division. LeRae may not be a “new” contender for the NXT women’s title, but she can be even more of a threat with a win for her team on Sunday.