WWE NXT: Results, Grades, and Analysis for December 2nd, 2020

Pat McAfee, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE)
Pat McAfee, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE) /

Shotzi Blackheart gains a huge victory in a brutal ladder match on WWE NXT.

On the December 2nd episode of WWE NXT, rivals become temporary allies in tag team action while others weather significant storms en route to War Games. Shotzi Blackheart takes on the imposing Raquel Gonzalez in a ladder match with major implications.

Damien Priest and Leon Ruff Vs. Legado Del Phantasma

Grade: B

Leon Ruff started the contest with Santos Escobar, before the latter quickly subjected Ruff to a flurry of kicks. Priest tagged himself in and gained control after a massive elbow alongside attacks on the outside. After Priest was distracted by a Ghostface, Escobar unleashed a sudden strike and exchanged tags to dismantle his opponent with ease.

Towards the conclusion, Damian Priest attempted to close out the match with a Reckoning only for Leon to tag himself in. The latter would then hit a frog splash to solidify the victory for this unlikely team.

Legado Del Phantasma attempted to disrupt the opponents-turned-allies with a brutal offense, frequently making efforts to destroy them with smooth and devastating tag maneuvers. Unfortunately for them, Damian gained a second wind and an inadvertent extra push from his partner to pull off a huge finish.

Cameron Grimes Vs. August Grey

Grade: B

Cameron Grimes began the match with strikes and kicks, implementing an attack on the midsection. Grey regained control with a dropkick, attacks on the neck, and a huge crossbody. Grimes found another boost and utilized the Cave-In to further solidify his confidence heading into War Games.

August Grey was no slouch in this short encounter, repeatedly denying Grimes a chance of recovery and utilizing his speed for significant moves. Alas, Grimes maintained focus and found his opening to lay on some attacks en route to the win.

Jake Atlas Vs. Tony Nese

Grade: A

Tony Nese was unprepared as Atlas implemented a takedown, targeting the arm. Atlas would then go for a fluid series of dodging maneuvers, going for an outside dive. Nese gained control with a palm strike and slams, until Jake managed to hit a cartwheel DDT for a huge victory.

This great contest featured the astounding athleticism of Jake Atlas and the significant strength of Tony Nese. Atlas’ momentum would be briefly deterred after Nese had his fair share of attacks; but he would pick up the pace once more to pull himself through.

Imperium Vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

Grade: A

After attacking the original opponents, EverRise, Imperium faces the Grizzled Young Veterans. Fabian and Gibson began the match by exchanging holds, until Marcel devastated him with attacks in the corner. James Drake would exchange blows with Aichner until Barthel wailed on him with punches.

Towards the conclusion, Drake hit a moonsault on his opponents and inadvertently his partner outside the ring. EverRise resurfaced to gain vengeance on Imperium to force a disqualification.

Despite the abrupt finish, both teams created a fast and fluid atmosphere in this contest. Marcel Barthel aimed to control the match in any way he could while the GYV did extremely well in weakening their adversaries. The tag division has never been more unpredictable.

Shotzi Blackheart Vs. Raquel Gonzalez

Grade: A

To claim a crucial advantage at War Games, Shotzi Blackheart takes on Raquel Gonzalez in a ladder match. Shotzi began the contest by overwhelming Gonzalez, momentarily losing the advantage as the latter targeted the back. Blackheart regained control with a dropkick while using the ladder for added damage.

In the climax of the contest, Io Shirai appeared to assist Shotzi by disorienting Raquel Gonzalez. Blackheart then took the opportunity to capture the briefcase and give her team the War Games advantage.

Gonzalez worked to halt her opponent’s exceptional speed with her imposing strength and vicious attacks with the ladder. Both War Games teams even made their presence known to turn the tide in their respective favors. Towards the end, Shotzi would ignore the chaos and make her way up the ladder to secure the win for her team.

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December 2nd NXT Results

  • Damian Priest and Leon Ruff defeated Legado Del Phantasma via pinfall
  • Cameron Grimes defeated August Grey via pinfall
  • Jake Atlas defeated Tony Nese via pinfall
  • Imperium defeated Grizzled Young Veterans via disqualification
  • Shotzi Blackheart defeated Raquel Gonzalez in a Ladder Match