WWE: Ranking the Top Five Women’s Champions of All Time

WWE, Charlotte Flair (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
WWE, Charlotte Flair (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /
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5. Bayley

Once possibly the most beloved superstar on the roster, Bayley made her name as a fan favorite in NXT. She had a character that was easy to love and the fans embraced her with creative cheers each week. Bayley has shined in matches with and against her fellow “Four Horsewomen of WWE” members. Although she was left behind in NXT when her friends were called up to the main roster to skyrocket the women’s evolution.

However, Bayley didn’t allow that to affect her. She defeated Sasha Banks to win the NXT Women’s Championship and represented as a strong champion. She later was defeated by a rising Asuka for the title before making the jump to the main roster as well. Since then, Bayley has made a huge transition in her career and made her name in history on her way of doing so.

She has won every women’s championship the WWE has to offer;  including becoming one-half of the inaugural Women’s Tag Team Champions with Sasha Banks. All her work making her the first Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champion. However, her most recent run as the SmackDown Women’s Champion is why she made this list.

4. Mickie James

Since her arrival in late 2005, Mickie James has been a stand-out in the WWE women’s division. Mickie was one of the top women in WWE in her first run with the company. She initially arrived as the obsessed number one fan of Trish Stratus and would leave with a Hall of Fame-worthy career already behind her in 2010. She left the company and would continue to establish her name in TNA before returning to WWE in late 2016.

During her first WWE run, Mickie won the Women’s Championship six times and the Diva’s Championship once. While she may always be remembered best for her heel run when she was new to the company, Mickie was the standard in the WWE after the retirements of Trish Stratus and Lita. She did great work against Beth Pheonix and Michelle McCool to name a few.

Now that she has been back, Mickie has continued her work in pushing forward the evolution in women’s wrestling. Mickie is still as good as she has ever been despite being off television currently with a nose injury. We could see James return to action at any time and perhaps she will have me rewriting this list when it is all said and done. James is deserving of another reign as the women’s champion, which would tie her with her biggest rival Trish at seven.