WWE TLC 2020: Why Drew McIntyre must beat AJ Styles

Drew McIntyre, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE)
Drew McIntyre, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE) /

At WWE TLC 2020, Drew McIntyre will defend his championship against AJ Styles. Here’s why he needs to win.

After Drew McIntyre’s first face-to-face confrontation with Roman Reigns, we knew he would win the WWE Championship back from Randy Orton on the following episode of Raw and battle Reigns at Survivor Series. The match itself was the most impressive performance of McIntyre’s career, given the quality of opposition and the magnitude of the match as the main event of Survivor Series. It was the only match that felt like it mattered despite its brief build, and that is a massive credit to Reigns and McIntyre.

Later this month at WWE TLC 2020, McIntyre will have the first title defense in his second reign as world champion. He will go up against another one of the best pro wrestlers in the world but a completely different style of opponent in AJ Styles.

The Phenomenal One defeated Riddle and Keith Lee in a Triple Threat match to earn this opportunity. Apparently the captain of the Men’s Raw Survivor Series team, Styles is more dangerous than ever right now. He is looking to prove that he’s a main event player again, since he hasn’t been a world champion or “in the picture” on Raw at any point this year. Styles’ Intercontinental Title reign wasn’t bad, but it fell flat.

Moreover, Styles has help now, which is what makes McIntyre’s situation a little precarious. Jordan Omogbehin seems like a high-upside member of the Raw roster to watch. We’ve seen wrestlers like Batista used as enforcers for an established star, going from little-known supporting character to top star in a matter of years. It’s presumptuous to say the same about Omogbehin, of course, but he is an intriguing wrestler who adds another dynamic to Styles in a match like this.

Early in his first reign as champion, McIntyre put on a very good title match with Bobby Lashley and a world-class effort with Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank. Purely in the ring, Styles might be the best wrestler McIntyre has faced this year, which gives McIntyre a chance to build on that incredible match against Reigns.

Styles has a real shot of winning with Omogbehin by his side, but I don’t want to see McIntyre drop that title until WrestleMania 37 at least. Edge could be world champion next year, but I would honestly rather see him stay away from the title early in his return. Keith Lee, to me, has to be the guy to take the title off McIntyre because of that natural backstory with Drew’s past interferences.

McIntyre beating Styles would do wonders for the Chose One. Beating a guy like Styles adds instant credibility, and I think Styles’ final world title reign is a way’s off. Perhaps it is the eventual feud for Edge after the Rated R Superstar finishes up his trilogy with Orton.

I had some criticisms about McIntyre during the feud with Orton, but he squashed so much of that doubt with his brilliant match against Reigns. He showed that he can elevate himself to the level of a true top star with that display, and I think WWE need to capitalize on that by adding to his power so that a real up-and-coming top star like Lee can be the one to win.

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Another world title run should be in the card for Styles down the road, but it’s not a good idea to flip the WWE Title too much, especially at McIntyre’s expense.