Impact Wrestling Has Done An Excellent Job With Their Women’s Tag Teams

Zelina Vega, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE)
Zelina Vega, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE) /

Have you heard the exciting news? The Impact Wrestling Knockout Tag Team Championships are set to have new champions for the first time in years!

It’s sad how one wrong move can make such a beautiful thing look so ugly. Whenever the Knockout Tag Team Championships were first introduced, they were a welcomed addition to the Impact Wrestling knockout’s division. However, they were tarnished when Eric Young would become one-half of the champions with ODB. While fun television for a moment, the team would leave the titles comatose for nearly ten years.

Despite the way the championships were presented in the end, they were a great addition to the company. The titles seemed like they were invented for The Beautiful People, but many unique teams would come to define the championships. Madison Rayne, Taylor Wilde, Sarita/Sarah Stock, and Hamada all held the championships two separate times with different partners. There is yet to be a team to hold the Knockout Tag Team Championships twice.

However, the history of the championships is bound to be rewritten with the recent reactivation of the titles. We have already been treated to an entertaining tournament so far to crown the first Knockout Tag Team Champions in seven years. I am sure these titles are going to present more great matches in the future. Impact Wrestling has been consistent with the knockouts division since its inception. They were having a women’s revolution way before WWE even considered.

They were promoting women’s tag team wrestling ten years before WWE introduced their tag team titles. When you think about women’s tag team wrestling in Impact Wrestling, it’s common for The Beautiful People to come first to mind. Throughout the years, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, and Lacey Von Erich have all been in The Beautiful People showing how a team is supposed to work together.

With Angelina Love out of the picture at the time, Rayne and Sky won the championships and defended them with Von Erich under the “freebird rule,” the only team to do so. Angelina Love would also get her run with the tag team championships while under the “control” of Winter.  However, the original duo of Sky and Love have never won the tag titles together. There is still always time with the two teaming as recent as last year in Ring of Honor.

Many other former Knockout Tag Team Champions could make a return to the company. Most recently, Thea Trinidad, formerly known as Rosita in Impact, was released from WWE. Her former partner Sarah Stock, Sarita in Impact, was also released from WWE earlier this year. A reunion of the two Latinas could be a welcomed return to the division.

I would personally love to see the mixture of former and current talents fighting over the championships. Some of the best in Impact’s history have held the titles including Hall of Famer Gail Kim and Awesome Kong, who is currently employed by All Elite Wrestling. You look at the list of titleholders and can tell that the knockout tag titles were once held by some greats. You can only expect the same from this run.

If you aren’t familiar with the original Knockout Tag Team Championships, they are some brilliant times during the relevantly short run. If the titles would have never been introduced to Eric Young, I am positive the legacy of the titles would have continued to grow. Even with the tag titles being deactivated, teams like The Beautiful People and later The Dollhouse were promoting unity between the knockouts.

Now that the Knockout’s tag titles are back, Impact Wrestling is back to showcasing the top women’s tag team wrestling. Hopefully, Eric Young can keep his mind on the Impact World Championship this time and not get involved. Although, it would be nice to have ODB for a few matches. Impact has already managed to pull Jazz out of retirement, who else might be interested in some tag team gold?

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