WWE: 5 Forgotten Superstars In Need Of A Push

WWE, Aleister Black Photo Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Aleister Black Photo Credit: WWE.com /
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The WWE is world renowned for having one of the strongest rosters ahead of any promotion out there, but with the saturation of good talent, comes the inevitable misuse of some world-class wrestlers and the possibility for them to get lost in the shuffle.

WWE have seen many forgotten superstars leave and find stardom elsewhere and the following list takes a look at five superstars that WWE should push sooner rather than later to make sure their stars shine bright under the WWE banner instead of another promotion.

Aleister Black

Aleister Black has had some head-scratching booking ever since his debut on the main roster next to Ricochet, where they competed and never won tag team gold. In singles competition, Black was unpinned until the start of this year and still has an impressive win-loss record, notably beating Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania. But WWE have never shifted gears in their booking, with Black only ever having singles matches with little-to-no stakes involved, until his feud alongside Mysterio against Seth Rollins, where he also had his eye attacked, eventually turning heel in his return against Kevin Owens, despite what promised to be a good feud between the two, Owens defeated Black in all of their Raw matches, essentially burying Black with the feud.

Aleister Black has never been booked like a legitimate title contender on the main roster and it doesn’t look like he has a plan in the near future either, with his real-life wife Zelina Vega having been released and reports of Black requesting to go back to NXT, it feels like Black is a truly forgotten superstar and desperately needs a push for his WWE career.

He is a former NXT champion with fantastic matches against Andrade and Johnny Gargano to his credit, and despite a valiant effort from WWE management at first to present Black as a credible talent on the main roster, he has suffered from a lack of direction and placement in worthwhile matches or feuds, often finding himself an accessory to another’s feud, such as his feud with AJ Styles falling second fiddle to Styles’ feud with The Undertaker and his feud with Rollins second to the feud between Rollins and Mysterio.

If WWE aren’t going to be granting him a return to the black and yellow then they should look to push him to the level that he should be performing at, returning to Smackdown to battle Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental Championship would be a good start.