WWE: 5 Forgotten Superstars In Need Of A Push

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Andrade hasn’t been on WWE TV since October and even when on TV, it felt like his story was going nowhere, for a superstar of his calibre, this is an extreme injustice. The truth of Andrade on the main roster is that he has never quite clicked, despite being a fantastic wrestler. He has been part of feuds with Sin Cara, Rusev and Lana (Alongside Zelina Vega), and Finn Balor with not one of these helping him climb the card.

He won the US Championship against Rey Mysterio during a house show on Boxing day last year, defended it twice against Mysterio again and then against Humberto Carillo at the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber PPVs, before losing his belt to Apollo Crews after a forgettable 151-day reign as champion, littered with absence due to injuries and a wellness policy violation.

The issue with Andrade, is despite being such a good talent, he has suffered injuries and poor return booking, always coming back from injury to never gain enough traction to amount to a purposeful push. He is a superstar with proven quality, achieving a five-star rating from Dave Meltzer for his NXT Championship defence against Johnny Gargano and defeating Drew McIntyre for the belt previously. It’s clear he has the potential to main event WWE and push for world titles, but it feels like he has never been given the opportunity to shine.

He could easily return and reignite a feud with McIntyre from their NXT days and show what he’s capable of on the world stage, but it’s up to WWE to give him some credible booking and time on TV to show his ability.