WWE: 5 Forgotten Superstars In Need Of A Push

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NXT UK superstar Cesaro
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Fans have been clamouring for Cesaro to get a singles push for years. The guy is supremely talented in the ring, both strong and agile and capable of putting on serviceable matches with anyone opposite him, yet he has never received the monster push he deserves. He has held the US title and was presented as a strong champion, but that was a long time ago and he hasn’t seen any singles gold since.

He formed a tag team with Jack Swagger as the Real Americans and they challenged for gold at times, but they were never able to capture the belts. He also competed for the WWE title at Elimination Chamber 2014, even beating champion Orton in a non-title leading up to the event, he was unsuccessful at later broke up with Swagger at WrestleMania, before going on to win the inaugural Andre The Giant Memorial battle royal, then revealing on Raw that he was now a Paul Heyman guy.

His partnership with Heyman didn’t last long however as he failed to win any gold in his varied attempts. After his star began to fade he was reignited next to Tyson Kidd as a tag team wrestler and they would go on to win the belts. Since Kidd’s legitimate spinal injury, we saw Cesaro on a fruitless singles run, despite getting himself super over with the fans, before a singles feud culminated with Cesaro teaming with Sheamus to eventually form The Bar. Together, they became one of the best and more decorated tag teams in recent years.

They were split thanks to injuries and Cesaro being drafted. Since Cesaro has found himself in another marriage of convenience with The Artist Collective, winning yet more tag team gold with Nakamura but also being the only member of the stable not to win singles gold since the faction formed.

Cesaro is yet another superstar that has been over with the WWE Universe and has still not seen his just desserts as a singles star. He is built to be an Intercontinental Champion, with the belt often referred to as a workhorse title, and Cesaro is the ultimate workhorse. Despite all of his tag runs being brought about as a way of getting TV time Cesaro has somehow made it work and his “Cesaro Section” run during 2015 should have resulted in a main event push for the Swiss Superman.

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He is yet another forgotten superstar fit for a feud with Sami Zayn and the possible resentment of not winning a singles title with Zayn and Nakamura could owe to a great story. You can’t help but get the feeling that if WWE aren’t going to push Cesaro soon, then we may well see him find his level elsewhere.