WWE: The 6 Best Promos That Took Place In 2020

WWE, Edge (Photo by Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)
WWE, Edge (Photo by Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images) /
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Becky Lynch Announces She’s Pregnant

Would this fall under the ” announcement” category, or can it still be called a promo? It’s hitting this list for so many reasons. Not only was the WWE Universe sitting on the edge of their seats prior to the opening of RAW that May Monday night, speculating on what Lynch was about to announce (with many of us thinking Becks might be expecting), but how The Mom ended up announcing she was pregnant, while also declaring that Asuka was now RAW Women’s Champion was not only a beautiful thing, but an emotional one.

Twitter exploded, Asuka’s face was priceless, and the passing-of-the-torch promo hit all the feels.

When what happens on television deals with something in real life, fans are invested. The WWE Universe would be talking about this RAW opening segment for months after.

Bayley’s Explanation

Bayley and Sasha have been true 2020 MVPs for the company, carrying the WWE on the shoulders for most of the summer when it comes to entertainment value. Friends or foes, these women both make storylines more interesting, and their matches together are simply phenomenal. It was hard to pick between some stellar individual and dual promos, but Bayley’s explanation on why she attacked her BFF Sasha on the September 11th edition of SmackDown hits high on my list.