AEW Rumors: The reason why Sting decided to return to wrestling

AEW, Sting Mandatory Credit: Scott Barbour/ALLSPORT
AEW, Sting Mandatory Credit: Scott Barbour/ALLSPORT /

Sting shook the wrestling world on Wednesday night when he appeared on AEW Dynamite, and he has a very personal reason for returning.

There is no doubt that Sting is one of the biggest legends in wrestling history, especially for diehard fans. Sting was an all-time great babyface early in his career, and he had some bright moments later on in his career with TNA. Fans may even fondly remember his surprise Survivor Series appearance to help Dolph Ziggler defeat The Authority. (Nevermind The Authority returned anyway.)

But Sting’s WWE career was cut short by injury, and he was treated beneath his status by the company. The WrestleMania loss will never sit well with wrestling fans,

According to a report from WrestleTalk’s Louis Dangoor, Sting’s treatment in WWE played a role in his return to wrestling with AEW this week. Per Dangoor, Sting was “unhappy” with how WWE used him.

It seems Sting wants to end his career on a positive note with AEW and believes the new kids on the block will help the former WCW star do just that. Dangoor reports that Sting wants to give the fans “something good” to remember of his legendary career before he hangs them up.

Although Sting’s return to wrestling doesn’t automatically make AEW must-see television, the nostalgia factor cannot be overestimated. AEW walks a fine line when it comes to the amount of legends they use, but they have done a great job of using those legends in a way that helps the current talent. Look no further than managers Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Tully Blanchard and how they have helped Lance Archer and tag team champions FTR.

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It will be exciting to see what role is on the horizon for Sting, who has worn many hats – and gimmicks – throughout his career. He should bring more eyes to the product if used correctly, and he should help the rest of the roster as a veteran presence if the same holds true. And finally, wrestling fans will hope they get to give Sting a comeback befitting his rarified status in professional wrestling.